. . . is a passionate outgrowth of Marilyn Ashe Wilson LLC, and offers a full range of lush and juicy sacred experiences for women on their spiritual journey.

These experiences teach new ways of capturing the divine feminine essence within each woman and the full manifestation of that essence in their daily life experiences.

Marilyn ‘Mila’ Wilson is the Founder of Flower of Life Ceremonies and a Conscious Connector of all women, regardless of age, nationality, race, religion, or belief system.  She uses a variety of modalities and teachings to best serve the women in her First Coast Jacksonville community and the virtual global community.  A quest to create a garden of delightful offerings that best serves each and every woman’s individual path and their personal journey, is the seed for each circle, workshop, ceremony, and program series designed by Marilyn ‘Mila’.  

When the heart-seed is the central connection, we all bloom.

Marilyn ‘Mila’ offers Women’s Circles for story sharing, Intentional Drumming for creative expression, vibrational Sound Healing for balancing the flow of the mind, body, and spirit connection, and Mindful Meditation and Yoga Nidra to find the inner self in the deepening stillness. With this amazing flow, we bond and Celebrate and mark our life passages in ceremony and ritual.

As a Priestess of Ceremony and LifeCycle Celebrant certified and trained in Healing and Transition Rituals including all life stages and passages, Marilyn ‘Mila’ customizes individual or group ceremonies, to Celebrate in Sacred Ceremony.  Spanning the concept of Seed to Reseed, marking personal life passages often forgotten in our busy world, including the honoring of our full life cycle of Birth to Death, is the medicine for a life worth celebrating. Included in the Healing and Transition ceremonies, are rituals and offerings to help heal the mind, body, and spirit for those of us struggling with loss, grief, divorce, separation, end of life and more.  All life passages are part of our garden of life … all life passages create our experiences and our legacies. 

Marilyn ‘Mila’ believes in celebrating all that we can in this gifted life. 

Let’s Nurture and Bloom together.


‘We all carry seeds in our hearts…different seeds of fear, love, hope, despair, greed, trust, peace, and more.  

Who we are and what we will become, depends on the seeds we water.  Which ones will you water?’  

Thich Nhat Hanh