“‘Creating circles of harmony using the universal language of rhythm and the unifying energy of sound is the Flower of Life. “


Congratulations for leaning into your path of discovery and a life in full bloom.

Flower of Life Circles and Ceremonies offers a full range of experiences for women to enjoy a lush and juicy life plan and purpose.

We offer programs, workshops, circles, and events spanning sacred Women’s Circles, Health & Wellness Drumming, Sound & Energy Healing sessions, Mindful Meditation, and Yoga Nidra experiences. These offerings are designed for women to remain connected externally as they learn to more closely tend to their inner garden and natural core gifts. With the divine feminine community gathering together in support of one another, they are inspired and motivated to express their truth and authentic voice in a safe and trusting space. As they deepen in their sacred life journey, they are mirrored by this expanding community connection.

Using the sacred and science-based healing modalities of intentional drumming, vibrational sound energy, mindful meditation, and the unity of community, Marilyn offers a variety of soul-seeds to nurture your mind, body and spirit. She is passionate about tending her life’s garden and knows your flower of life will be worth your investment too! At Flower of Life Ceremonies, we know that our life and soul seeds need to be watered to grow.  We can choose which ones serve our life purpose, and then nurture them to full bloom.

Whether you gather for intentional drumming, sacred sound events, meditative workshops, or an interactive women’s circle, you will resist isolation and enjoy the connective rhythm unifying us all.

At Flower of Life Circles and Ceremonies….

  • We gather in interactive community circles, strengthening and supporting our life purpose
  • We feel into the connection of mind + body + spirit using sacred sound and shared stories
  • We create sacred space using vibrational sound and energy for whole body wellness
  • We consciously develop intentional ceremony and ritual as we pass through life stages
  • We grow and deepen through mindfulness, meditative drumming, and journal writing

Visit our Circles & Ceremonies page for more detailed information regarding our offerings. You may also visit the Events page to see all the wonderful upcoming opportunities for you to bloom and grow into the fullest expression of your life purpose.

‘We all carry seeds in our hearts ….  different seeds of fear, love, hope, despair, greed, trust, peace, and more. 

Who we are and what we will become, depends on the seeds we water.  Which ones will you water?’  Thich Nhat Hanh