70 Ain’t No Easy Feat!


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Not me….nope, I didn’t turn 70…but I know who did!!!!

It was my husband, Franky Baby.  Yep, I married an older man.  The good news, he arrived there safely. It is nice to have trail blazers to show us how it is done.

To make it even more spectacular……I agreed to help his sons spring a Surprise Party on him.  A really sweet gesture and one that warmed Franky’s heart.

So Greg, Scott, and Todd gave me full rein and still split the banquet costs with me.  I absorbed the decorations, cake, and all the ‘fun stuff’ too.  Loved doing that.

Our party was at a nearby restaurant called Pusser’s Caribbean Grill….and my daughter and her hubby did all the decorations – VINTAGE DUDE.

The cake was of course a guitar replica of sorts and other than a last minute spastic change on that, it all went down without any issues.

One of my sons, Michael, and his family came down from Atlanta to honor Frank; and, of course, my daughter Jenna was my local lean-to for all the ideas, creativity, and last minute changes (like no helium for the balloons!)

Best friends of Franky’s came from afar, brother Richard also made the 5 hour trek, along with cousin Eric leaving his river home to join us for this event.  All the kids and grandkids (except for Frank’s daughter Patrice who was out of town) showed up and encircled him with confetti as we all said ‘SURPRISE’.

It took Frank several days to process everything.  It is always fun to tell the BACK STORY of any ceremony.

It was a happy birthday!

Waiting on photos from Greg … will add later.


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