A Circle is Ceremony


An invitation to bring a circle of women together – a night of new meetings and old souls – an intent to support and nourish in spite of life challenges – an opportunity to give with open hearts.  That was how I perceived the HealthRHYTHMS gathering at Mayo Clinic’s Breast Cancer Survivor’s Group last Tuesday night – because, to me, A Circle is a Ceremony.  A circle holds intention, and changes our hearts and souls when we are open to the energies of others.  A circle is a gift.

Fresh from a relaxing yoga class, the women chatted and helped me bring in drums and altar items as we waited for a few women coming from family responsibilities, work, and most likely, many oceans of places.  Chairs we placed en circle, colorful scarves held earth elements and candles .. all changing the mood and the energy of the room creating sacred space among new and old friends.  Within a few moments, we created a warm circle of hearts and souls.


Many of the women wore head wraps, some wore wigs, and some appeared to be donning their natural tresses … all telling of where they were and are in their journey through breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.  They were tired, but they glowed.

Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Survivors Group Drum Ceremony

Mayo Clinic

We shared our names, we felt our heart beat, we listened to that sound on our drum.  Our heart beats blended into a rolling thunder and before the night was over, the connection was obvious and the energies enhanced.  It didn’t take psychic power or super intuition to see the swelling hearts and blazing flames within the form of each woman.  They were ONE

That night we were one heartbeat, one woman, one light.

I am complete … I know they were too.

Until next time, I smile and say … create ceremony, create ritual, remember your day, remember your play, remember all that you may.

In love, Marilyn


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