Marilyn Ashe Wilson, Founder

Marilyn is a mother and wife, Priestess of Ceremony, Sound and Healing Practitioner, LifeCycle Celebrant, Hand Drum Percussionist, HealthRhythms Guide, Goddess Facilitator of Women Circles and Founder of Flower of Life Ceremonies and Marilyn Ashe Wilson LLC.  

As Marilyn navigated her own journey through the life transitions of maiden and mother and currently queen of her life, she found a need for connection and support within her community.  Marilyn realized that being held and witnessed by other women in circles and gatherings, offered her the strength and courage to manifest her dreams of living her life to its fullest, loving every minute of it, and creating a legacy for her children and for all.  It allowed her to be more conscious in her choices, more present in her daily life, and more authentic in her being.  With that knowing, she set out to gather the tools that best nurtured her heart and soul. She realized that if she was happy and full, she would be able to seed the earth and nourish other women as they bloomed into their fullest expression of themselves, too.

With the sound of the healing drum guiding her way by connecting to the heartbeat of all creation, Marilyn creates sacred circles, workshops, events, ceremonies, ritual, and celebrations for women to seed their life gardens and create their life legacies.  Her focus as a conscious connector is to gather women together in safe and nurturing circles and perform rituals and ceremonies to mark and honor all of life’s passages.

Marilyn’s extensive travel as a military dependent offered her many opportunities to fill her basket with a variety of tools and modalities.  She brings the rhythm and energy from cultures like Hawaii, Haiti, Puerto Rico, New Mexico, Key West (the Conch Republic), and the California and Florida coastlines to all of her circles, ceremonies, and events.

This eclectic mixture is the essence and medicine that Marilyn conjures up for each and every circle and every woman attending her ceremonies and gatherings.  

If you are interested in contacting Marilyn about her offerings, please visit her HERE.