The Alchemy Experience – Sound to Healing

Summer ‘WE FLOW’ Offering

22″ Wind Gong Sound Bath Instrument

Personal One-on-One Sessions or Gather A Group Together …. 

You Will

Experience the Transcendence of Sound Journey


Understand the Healing Power of Sound to Mind, Body, & Spirit


30 minutes / $30 

Visit me at Misty Water Studio in Jacksonville for your ‘Summer WE FLOW Sound Session’


*Creating Sacred Space

*Natural Rhythms Element Oracle Card Reading

*Personal Intention Setting

*Customized Sound Session

*Review and Discussion of Experience

*Closing Space

*possibly a shamanic story flow*


I use the finest sound products and the crème de la crème of vibrational sound instruments —

Solfeggio Frequency Crystal Singing Bowls, Handmade Tibetan Brass Bowls, Chinese Wind Gongs, Koshi Chimes and other heavenly and harmonic sound instruments

to re-tune the body at the cellular level, allowing your body to return to the natural state of bliss.

These instruments + intention + frequency = healing flow of the mind, body, and spirit.  

Please Reserve Your Time Slot Today

904-334-5290 or

Relax in vortex of energy we create together and focus your intention on reconnecting, renewing, and replenishing your energetic field.

You will feel into each chakra and release any blocks you may have acquired from the daily stresses in life.

As you let go and allow yourself to be nurtured with these natural harmonic sounds, you will find a balanced space of openness and strength within your body.



How Alchemical Sound Healing can Benefit your Life!

Alchemy, resurrected in 1930’s by Carl Jung, is an ancient art and is returning just when it is needed to assist people in learning how to Chill, to Flow, to Relax, to Enjoy.

Where we turn everything into Love – The Alchemy Experience

Alchemy is full of symbolism and will energize your life, spirituality and relationships by the transformation of the negative to the positive.

  • The Element of Air – the Mental Realm
  • The Element of Fire – the Action Realm
  • The Element of Water – the Emotional Realm
  • The Element of Earth – the Physical Realm

all of which we are made up of and all that manifests physically in our bodies.

Contact me at or Text or Call at 904-334-5290 to schedule your first Alchemical Experience … a Sound Healing Journey.  You will be transformed.

30 minutes / $30 

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