Wild Woman Activation



Our Summer VibeTribe was ‘lit.’

I shared the evening with 8 other authentic wild women.  I treasure these gatherings, small and intimate, safe and expanding.  We moved, we danced, we created our Wild Woman Mudras, we Release and Manifested using a Water Ritual, we anointed, we stepped into our Light.

A glorious evening.

Priestess and the Sea



As I reflect back into May 2017, I realize why I haven’t had a bit of time to settle down to catch up on my journal posting.

2017 is proving to be quite a year of manifestation of dreams beginning with my Emergence as an Alchemical Priestess in the lineage of Nicole Christine.  

At a Global Gathering of Priestesses held in the Highlands, NC area … I, along with 20 other women, emerged as Priestesses, High Priestesses, and Creation Goddesses after extensive and intensive trainings lasting a minimum of 9 months.  As a woman, I believe it is a high honor to be in this community of divine feminine glory sisters.  Never in my life have I ever felt so honored, held, supported, and encouraged — I was WITNESSED and SEEN.  Quite an experience and one that I will hold in my heart forever more, I am sure.

I know move toward my Advanced Priestess Training as a High Priestess and look toward another year of training and deepening.  A beautiful way to honor my 70th year on this planet … succumbing to the natural rhythms and alchemy of turning all things into love.

Below are several photos of the gathering festivities, after my gracious arrival and delivery by my husband and main supporter, Franky Baby. Photos include Priestess Partner Bette Wappner, who held space for me during the 9 months of gestation and transformation along with many other elevated feminine women.  

I am deeply honored and blessed to be a part of this community with Lisa Michaels as our Highest Priestess of all, Judy Keating, my Priestess Teacher, and my good friend Bonnie — High Priestess.

Global Gathering of Priestesses

Gettin’ Juicy with the VibeTribe



Small intimate gatherings …. that’s what women want …. sharing, caring, witnessing, being 

With that idea in mind, I created VibeTribe.  Also, a monthly gathering held at my home studio, Misty Water, which has limited space, but an energy and vibe all of its own.

These formatted gatherings are created around the Full Moon or a Wheel of the Year Transition.  




The outlines and activities are co-created with my facilitator tribe … SistershipCircle … a virtual and in person group based in California and holds a global membership of women leaders who facilitate events, workshops, classes, retreats using similar languaging and holding space for developing empowered women stepping into their own feminine leadership qualities and abilities.





They are always Juicy and devoted to the Divine Feminine qualities.

Over the last two months, we have birthed our dreams and intentions, entered and exited the womb tunnel, attended to our Juicy Meter, and deepened our knowing and our connections.

I’m in preparation now for Activating the Wise Woman and the Wild Woman after that … so stay tuned.

We are One in Unity, One in Love



Spirit – Sound – Sisters



Over the last couple of months, I have enjoyed using the venue space at Adele Grage Community Center in Atlantic Beach, Florida for a series of Women’s Circles with a variety of themes.  The space allows for an open invitation in numbers of attendees and gives us all the modern conveniences of restrooms, kitchens, wood floors, patios, and even a park that is 2 blocks from the beach if we were so moved!  (Who doesn’t like that?)

Most recently twenty women gathered together in community for the New Moon Cha-Boom experience.  Clearing our Chakras with Drumming and Sound.  



We have a format …. and it goes something like this….

A centerpiece / altar is set up to hold the energy and any items that are precious or themed for the month.





Opening the directions with elemental instruments – wood, tambourines, shakers, rain sticks, and more

Settling into our focused intentions for the new moon month ….



Entering the themed experience.  This time sharing a crystal activity for stillness …. spinning our energy to sense the change …. creating a sound wave to move the chakra energy through our bodies …. drumming the beat for each chakra location to clear and reboot our system …. ending in a collective chant and jam.



Goddess Cards or Themed Oracle Cards are selected.

We enter into the discussion and format of the monthly theme.



Group or Partner Shares. New relationships were formed.  Women learned of many other offerings within the group. Our community expanded.  We Laughed, We Smiled, We Moved, We Stepped Into Our Lives.





We close with thanks for all the elementals and spirit guides and warm, loving energies that joined together within this vortex of energy.

Thank you all who attended …. so much more to come.

We are One in Unity, One in Love …..



Breezing Through Life



Life really is like a strong breeze that sweeps through ….. it can be cool or warm, balmy or dry … sometimes unnoticed, at times taken for granted.  The breeze, however, keeps breezing through … doing its job and moving energy from you to me and back again.  Life is sort of like that … it breezes through and it is up to us to notice it and enjoy it; or ignore it and miss it.

Lately, I’ve been experiencing this with my life in general.  So many days, weeks, and months have breezed by without barely a notice because I’ve been other-occupied, over-occupied, and multi-occupied …  or just plain ole’, taking things for granted.  

What would happen if the Breeze stopped … just stopped doing its work, stopped moving energy and moving seeds across our Mother Earth?

What would happen if my Breeze stopped … just halted … basically, Life ended … maybe not death, but Life!  Isn’t Life, Breath? Isn’t Life,  Consciousness? Isn’t Life, Presence? Isn’t Life, being in The Now?

Here are a few things that Breezed Through without me marking them in my own Life Diary .. my website Blooming Blog.  A few images landed on Facebook; but the real marker for me is to take time to journal and witness these happenings.  Whether we witness them (Life) or not, I’m going to catching the breezes of past days right now, by loading a few images of recent happenings within the Flower of Life family.  

These are a few of the soft breezes that passed my way and I forgot to take the time to notice.  It is never too late to turn back the time and the memories …. so here you go .. updates and past breezes.

First, a wonderful group of 14 women enjoyed my Crystal Bowl Chakra Clearing and Sound Bath at a new venue – Adele Grage Cultural Center in Atlantic Beach.  It was mystical and magical.  New faces, new friends, and new energy filling the room with sparkling light and love.  I can’t wait for the next one at this same venue location … it is spacious and beach-y.  Click HERE to find out what is next at Adele Grage.

Thank you to each one of you for being the women that you are and continue to be as you journey deeply into your soul of discovery. And, especially thank you for allowing me to witness your journey.

Another Blowing Breeze …. we had our first SoundWAVES Rhythm Circle at Adele Grage also …. A beautiful day, lots of percussion and chimes on the front lawn in the park.  Couldn’t be more perfect than connecting with the sound of the ocean behind us and the blowing trees, while we felt the warm sun beaming down on us in community circle.  Looking forward to next time.

SoundWAVES Members
Marilyn getting her groove on.
Homemade Poster!

Cool Conferences



While all others were chilled from the winter temperatures, I was heading to the ocean’s shore in Myrtle Beach, SC for the annual Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference.  It is always remarkable, but this year it was the BEST for me.  The weather was Spring-like and the energy was Hot Hot Hot!

After at least five years of attendance, maybe more, I’m finally feeling into the over-arching feel of this united community of service-oriented healers.  In the past, I have been (and still am really) a bit intimidated by the exceptional talent, years of experience, and list of credentials of the leaders and most of the attendees … but I feel a shift is taking place as the women rise up to share the needs of their community circles.

Connecting with a few online friends this year, and even rooming with one of them – Cheri Bunker, changed the way I connect to the overall group.  I did feel a part of the conference … meeting new friends and talking with others.  There is still a bit of a ‘miss’ when it comes to assuring people get to know one another … but all in good time.  There is so much jam-packed into the 3 days weekend, that it is hard to find time to chat and meet/greet with others.  The days start early and last until into the night with the Laser Drum Circle.

By the time it is over, we do feel each other .. inside and out.  We have all shown up in our authentic space and with our gifts and vibration …. it is a treasured time in the year for me.

Here are a few snaps of the Pathdrummer’s Guided Meditiation and a few group shots showing the unity of being with like-minded servants to community.

Beverly The Spirit Awakening Drum
Percussion Mandala
Rhythm & Art Workshop with Jeni
Linda Melcher, Rachel Nelson, Thom Dandridge
Cheri and Me at the Beach

Flower of Life




Flower of Life

Flower of Life

I am a Flower …..

Yes, I’m beautiful, I’ve heard it before

And, it never grows old.


I’m worshipped for my looks,

My scent, my looks.

But here’s the thing, life starts with me.

You see, I feed people.

Every fruit comes from me,

Every potato, Me,

Every kernel of corn, Me,

Every grain of rice, Me

Me, Me, Me, I know; but it’s true.


And sometimes, I feed their souls.

I’m their words when they have none.

I say I LOVE YOU without a sound

I’m SORRY without a voice.


I inspire the greatest of them;

Painters, Poets, Pattern-makers.

I’ve been a Muse to them all.

But, in my experience,

People underestimate the power of a pretty little Flower;

Because the LIFE does start with Me

And, it would END without me.

That is the Flower of Life … Native American Song/Poem

Marilyn’s Flower of Life Tour



 Happy Springtime!

Welcome to my Flower of Life Blog …. where my garden is nurtured by a loving community of women in circle, where the focused intention of unity is foremost in our hearts, where the mindful dedication to long-lasting blooms excites us, and the juicy ritual and ceremony to celebrate each stage of personal growth gives us purpose and passage.  This FOL Blog is an extension of my new website entitled FlowerofLifeCeremonies and / or MarilynAsheWilson

I have been away for a while preparing my garden and making ready for the new season in my life and within my community.  As I find new ways of being together and moving onward along my life path, I return with the goodies and spread them in this garden that I call the Flower of Life.  So, a lot happened during that journey and I’d like to share the birthing experience with you now, if you have a minute for the Flower of Life Garden Tour. (a/k/a a vibrational sound experience)

Instead of a detailed log of the last seasonal gad-abouts, I’ve created a photo gallery and little summary below showing examples of the sacred modalities that fill my heart, my mind, and my Spirit.  I hope they serve you also.  

We Gather explores the importance of Women’s Circles, where gathering together influences and supports our daily heart-walk.  Regardless, of why we gather, we create an energy vortex of trust and unity that holds us up even when we are not together.  

We Express allows us to use the acquired Trust to more easily Express ourselves and communicate our truth to ourselves and others – these expressions take form in Meditative Drum Classes, Sacred Drum Circles, and Interactive Vibrational Drumming.  

We Flow with this new mode of communication which moves us into a stage of ease and grace with all things moving with the rhythms of nature.  Accessing our higher consciousness with the relaxing and renewing sounds of the crystal singing bowls, brass gongs, chimes, and more, we elevate and release our daily challenges and move into a space of healing.  

Yes, We Deepen Using these modalities to achieve whole-body wellness, finds us Deepening even more with Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, Personal Oracle Card Readings & Meditation, and Circles of Discovery.  We Deepen and expand into our full bouquet of creative expression. 

After your short tour through the gallery, you are invited to roam free through the website by simply clicking on any of the above tabs or flower blossoms on the Home Page where there are even more examples and stories of our events, circles, and ceremonies.

First, WE must GATHER …  a variety of opportunities were shared where we came together out of choice and curiosity. Answering The Call to Gather, was a sign that there was a need to have others in support and witness of our journey together.  Whether it was drumming, vibrational sound, or rhythmic influence … We Gathered – We Began Building our Foundation. 


WE EXPRESS because as we gathered, we became more connected and bonded through our experiences.  We began to feel the comfortable energy, and were freer to BE ourselves and to begin to BLOOM in Expressive ways.     In groups at the adult living communities programs, within intimate gatherings of book and writing groups, learning new drum rhythms from the Masters, and expressing that new rhythm out in the natural elements.  It all allows for connection and when we feel connection, we are able to express our full beauty and self.  We Expressed … We Are Strong in  Community.


WE FLOW. There was a Flow we could feel within the circle and it sent its energy out beyond into the community.  The ripples of delight and witnessing allowed an ease and grace surrounding us as we followed the moons, the tides, and the desire to be seen, heard, and witnessed.  We began to Flow, bringing our blessings and intentions to the waters, dancing for the earth and the trees in honor and protection, using sound to settle us and bring us together, and inviting other communities into our life garden so that we were able to share and learn.  We Flowed with Ease and Grace.


WE DEEPEN. As time and reflection do, we followed our Flow deep into our hearts finding that spiritual connection to ourselves and each other.  We also found the Divine Source that surrounds us all and supports us as we travel along our life path, growing and blooming in many ways.  We were gentle beautiful blooming women in a variety of life phases; leaning in and reflecting each others  joys and successes.    We Deepened in this community of many seeds, many blossoms, many ways of being all that we are and can be.  We witnessed and we continue to witness each others heart and beauty.

I hope you enjoyed our Flower of Life Circles and Ceremonies Tour …. there is so much more to view, so please enjoy your stroll through the pages and events. We invite you to please Contact us to see how you too can bloom within our community.

Until next time……Please Stop and Smell the Roses.  Marilyn

My Cajon – El Cajon


From a girl that went to elementary school in El Cajon California and as far from thinking I would ever play a musical instrument, much less a drum….you can now see me and hear me if you show….playing My Cajon …. around town for musicians here and there.
Come play!
Doumbex and Cajon
Ben Espling, Aja and Stevee & Me…..La Boomba
Applebee's Open Mic
Applebee’s Open Mic
My favorite Roadie / Hubby
Lucky Me -- I get to play with both of them
Lucky Me — I get to play with both of them

Grand Finale – The Great Adventure of the 9 Crystals


Oh what a time we had at the Players Community Senior Center last week.
Catherine, Me, Linda, Margit, Nancy, Jane, Barbara, Lorraine, Patsy not shown
Catherine, Me, Linda, Margit, Nancy, Jane, Barbara, Lorraine, Patsy not shown
As a grand finale of a program I had been offering there …. I decided instead of a recital, which they were too shy to do, I wrote a story instead.  Inserted into the story were the rhythms that I used in the program and they played them when I paused in the story ….
Grand Finale Stage
Catherine, Barbara, Linda, Lorraine, Jane .. and our altar
Grand Finale IMG_3567 IMG_3567 IMG_3585
It was so much fun and the members really enjoyed it.  They even were awarded a Grant for me to come back!!! So happy.



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