Breezing Through Life


Life really is like a strong breeze that sweeps through ….. it can be cool or warm, balmy or dry … sometimes unnoticed, at times taken for granted.  The breeze, however, keeps breezing through … doing its job and moving energy from you to me and back again.  Life is sort of like that … it breezes through and it is up to us to notice it and enjoy it; or ignore it and miss it.

Lately, I’ve been experiencing this with my life in general.  So many days, weeks, and months have breezed by without barely a notice because I’ve been other-occupied, over-occupied, and multi-occupied …  or just plain ole’, taking things for granted.  

What would happen if the Breeze stopped … just stopped doing its work, stopped moving energy and moving seeds across our Mother Earth?

What would happen if my Breeze stopped … just halted … basically, Life ended … maybe not death, but Life!  Isn’t Life, Breath? Isn’t Life,  Consciousness? Isn’t Life, Presence? Isn’t Life, being in The Now?

Here are a few things that Breezed Through without me marking them in my own Life Diary .. my website Blooming Blog.  A few images landed on Facebook; but the real marker for me is to take time to journal and witness these happenings.  Whether we witness them (Life) or not, I’m going to catching the breezes of past days right now, by loading a few images of recent happenings within the Flower of Life family.  

These are a few of the soft breezes that passed my way and I forgot to take the time to notice.  It is never too late to turn back the time and the memories …. so here you go .. updates and past breezes.

First, a wonderful group of 14 women enjoyed my Crystal Bowl Chakra Clearing and Sound Bath at a new venue – Adele Grage Cultural Center in Atlantic Beach.  It was mystical and magical.  New faces, new friends, and new energy filling the room with sparkling light and love.  I can’t wait for the next one at this same venue location … it is spacious and beach-y.  Click HERE to find out what is next at Adele Grage.

Thank you to each one of you for being the women that you are and continue to be as you journey deeply into your soul of discovery. And, especially thank you for allowing me to witness your journey.

Another Blowing Breeze …. we had our first SoundWAVES Rhythm Circle at Adele Grage also …. A beautiful day, lots of percussion and chimes on the front lawn in the park.  Couldn’t be more perfect than connecting with the sound of the ocean behind us and the blowing trees, while we felt the warm sun beaming down on us in community circle.  Looking forward to next time.

SoundWAVES Members
Marilyn getting her groove on.
Homemade Poster!

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