Catching Up!


Where has the time gone since the B-r-r-r-r of Winter in sunny Florida to the Winds of Seasonal Change now at the end of February.

It seems time is certainly speeding by and while I thought I cleared my plate … I find that things are still happening.

The beauty of de-cluttering the proverbial plate is how it allows all the new ideas and events to spring forward and delight us.

In just a few short months, I’ve been to Atlanta and had a life-changing meeting with another student from my Celebrancy Tele-Course.  Bonnie Salamon was the only other person in my class that lived on my coast and was within driving distance.  It was divine timing because I went to meet her during a trip to Atlanta to visit my family, and we hit it off and are now collaborating on a workshop she is bringing here to my community.

Marilyn & Bonnie
Marilyn & Bonnie

You just never know what happens when you REACH OUT!

After returning, I was inspired to begin creating New Moon Circles for the divine feminine community.  Since I’ve stepped down from the Wisdom Roundtable and find it to be in great hands, I have time to continue to create and manifest without over-committing and presenting when I feel the flow.

Read about my circles next and on my website

I also decided to postpone my credential final course for Celebrancy until life was a little smoother for me.  I wonder when that will happen.

In the meantime, Franky Baby has a bee in his bonnet and decided to get busy in the retirement idea and buy an RV and Truck to pull it and hit the road.

All this just started happening with one little conversation.  So I’ll take my circles on the road I suppose!

Then, we bought me a new car right smack dab in the middle of all this confusion.  Meet Angel Baby!


Angel Baby

Also – I’ve had another grandbaby – a boy!  Jaret, my youngest son, and his wife are expanding their family.  Jaxson was born in November and we have been to see him once.  Hopefully they will be here in March also and I can get him in my ‘paws’ again.


New Grandson Jaxson Rogers.
New Grandson Jaxson Rogers.

Funny how things change.

So enough updates for this post. I feel like I’m getting caught up and will share the moon circles and other fun stuff next.!!!


See you soon.




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