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Bearing Witness to Myself


This is really an old ‘About’ Page…but I felt that I wanted to hold onto it and capture my thinking and my flow.  So, I’m posting it here on my blog as a holding place for bearing witness to my journey.

Hello! My name is Marilyn Ashe Wilson. I am a Conscious Connector, Feminine Adviser and Guide, and Student of the Divine Heroine’s Journey to Self. I am committed to serving the Florida First Coast community and beyond bringing a variety of circles and events that nourish your mind, body, and spirit and allowing you to bring your life into full bloom.

I founded Flower of Life Ceremonies to provide sacred events, ceremonies, and nature-based ritual gatherings for women to connect and deepen as they hear the call to bloom in their own lives.  The Flower of Life is a sacred geometry design; and, to me, it shows the overlapping circles in life emanating from a strong center.  Each flower petal has its own beauty and worth, just as all of our many parts and experiences form our beautiful life bloom.  The discovery of those petals and the beauty of the scent and blossom is my journey and the journey that I share.

It all began with a simple Drum.  A Circle. A Heartbeat.  A Seed.

A drum journey — the call to overcome grief and soften the energy around me as I grieved the death of both of my parents within six months of each other.  I reached out to a small meditative drum class at The Players Community Senior Center… placed my hand on the drum and was immediately transported to the sacred space within my heart.  The primal heartbeat was transcending, healing, and inspiring as I came to grips with my pain and saw how gathering in community, with the drum as the gathering tool, healed my spirit … thus, allowing my body and mind to do what they do naturally – heal.  Yes, I found that our bodies heal, if we allow it and create the time and space for it to do its work.

One thing led to another; and soon, I began creating and facilitating drum workshops and women’s drum circles to share this amazing modality with others.  Those circles morphed, and so did I.  I wanted more of the same feeling … and, all the time. 

With my background in event coordinating and recruiting, I blended events and people….offering sacred space to interact in ways that brought us together, taught us how to trust, be mindful of our authentic purpose, and step into our lives with the firm support of other women holding space for us in community.

Once the creative portal is opened using the drum (a basic and simple tool), the universe begins filling us up with ideas and inspirations.  That’s what happened to me, anyway!

I began signing up for trainings and certifications to expand my knowledge so that I could, in turn, bring those teachings back to my community.  I am now a Trained Drum Circle Facilitator, Certified HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator, Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Nidra Teacher/Guide, LifeCycle Celebrant and Ceremony Officiant/Minister, and a Priestess of Ceremony.  All of these spiritual offerings bring different energy to each circle and ceremony ….. taking all of us on a journey inward.  A journey of discovery.  This combination allows me to create opportunities to gather women in circles of harmony, where elevating consciousness and deepening their spiritual path is the intention and focus.

As a Conscious Connector of women in ceremony, I see the importance of the collective consciousness and the strength of purpose acquired in these circles. The link created between body, mind, and spirit when women are seen and witnessed by other women, is the full bloom of life that we all seek.

It all seems like a divine path to me as I look back …. being raised in a military family and seeking community FIRST and FOREMOST as my family moved to each new City and State every few years.  I instinctively knew the importance of connection and the unifying nature of community.  As a woman, I missed having long time friends and soul sisters …. so building a strong and lasting community of women is not a real surprise – it is the way I bloomed.  Our life path and our seeds are always there for us … we just don’t always see it when expected. 

The idea of ceremony and ritual was instilled in those early years as a young girl educated in the Catholic faith and as a Navy dependent. Both rely heavily on ceremony, ritual, and pomp! It definitely brings a depth to any life passage or celebration.The feeling of belonging to a larger group and community, where there are similar values and like-minded focus, link us together as one; and that is my driving force. There was and is a nostalgic thread of my life, seeded early and deep. That connection, that unifying feeling is the reason for my ongoing commitment to creating community and leaving legacy. When ritual and ceremony are added to any life event, it remains in our memories forever. Marking passages, life transformations, and transitions is something we need more of in this world.

As life would have it, after years of travel and four children, I settled in Jacksonville, Florida bringing along with me, the cultural flavors of Hawaii, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Key West, and the cutting edge creativity of the California coastline.

Since my emphasis is on the importance of community, I continue to build that bridge between isolation and connectedness for women by forming circles, workshops, seminars and supportive environments to align our hearts. My global outreach begins within the local beaches and Jacksonville area, while mentoring with many female leaders from California and beyond. Our touch, our hearts, and our attention have a ripple effect that reaches over the land, more than we even know. That is my calling!

I believe that life is like a garden. It is our job to seed and nurture our mind, bodies, and spirits so that we can enjoy the full bloom of our lives. Leaving a legacy of memories is the key to my passion and commitment.

I believe we Live it, Love it, and Pass it On!

My commitment is to sharing my seeds, energy, and gifts to support women, so that we are seen and heard; witnessed on our path to discovery. In this way, our life energy is on a continuum of giving and receiving, and realizing that we are all one in the universal language of rhythm.  The flower is seeded, nurtured, blooms, and reseeds … just like our life.  We Gather our seeds, We Express through nurture, We Flow like a flower in the breeze, and We Deepen on our inner journey, leaving that legacy to those that follow.

Below are just a few of the many types of circles and ceremonies we create at Flower of Life. Each one of them is designed to form a safe and healthy space and community for women to step into their own garden of life, creating their own beautiful life blossoms, and enjoying the juicy new bouquets formed by the attention and intention to sacred growth. 





  • Sistership Circles
  • Full and New Moon Rituals
  • Interactive Community & Sacred Drumming
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Meditative Gatherings
  • Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra
  • House and Office Blessings
  • Healing Ceremonies with Drum and Sound



Join me, Let’s connect!

As we Gather, we Express, we Flow, and we Deepen….
That is the Flower of Life.

In another life (2008-2011)  when co-creating with Lynn Curtin as Blondes Drum 2, we made these 2 CDs of original music.  The first one, I play all percussion and Lynn sings. The second one is a compilation of poem and song performed by both of us … 

Free Link to stream the entire CD, Cut, Colored, & Styled


Pay per song for Pure EnChantment


A Goddess .. An Awakening … A Sharing … A Sacred Connection


Despite Hurricanes, Flooding, Recovery, and Restoration in Florida, the Goddesses gathered in a whirlwind of their own stormy and fashionable energy.  Our six-week Awakening the Divine Inner Goddess Series started with eight (8) women, who didn’t hesitate to invest in themselves and stand in their power and knowledge that circle is our essence.

Module #1 was all about creating the container, activating the physical realm — EARTH — so that we could hold and contain the information we will gather and learn over the next 6 Mondays, and being able to hold space for the many different places in the women’s hearts where this learning will land … where does it find them? where does it land in their heart? where will it take them?

We witness each other — beam back a reflection of love and acceptance — hug in support and knowing.

Thank you to our first group of Awakening Goddesses – Karen Allen, Penny Hughes, Tambra Kipp, Amy Decker, Tracy Duncan (the birthday goddess), Sally Baldwin, with Cindy Diamond and Marilyn Wilson (not shown).


So looking forward to Week and Module #2 … 


No One Falls Through the Cracks in Jax – Red Sand


Priestess Blessings

Another blessing of being a part of the Priestess Community is the wise and helpful knowledge and experience held and offered as gifts to humanity.

During my recent global Priestess gathering, the grandmother’s circled to discuss ways to serve.

A friend mentioned the Red Sand Project.

The Red Sand Project raises awareness for Sex Trade and Human Trafficking victims around the globe.

It resonated deeply with me for many personal and humanitarian reasons.  I do live at the beach and we resonate with sand and sex.  Who knew that Florida, my State, was #3 in the Nation for Human Trafficking issues, arrests, and conditions.  Jacksonville, my city, is one of the highest in these crimes.

Thus, my mantra – ‘No One Falls Thru the Cracks in Jax’

This is our girls we are talking about … future Priestesses, Goddesses, Mothers, Wives …. what the heck?

Yes, it involves all genders, ages, and races, but of course women are the majority.

So, with that information, I decided to do a Red Sand Project Installation here in Jacksonville. 

After many rain and weather cancellations, we finally we able to gather at our local community center ….

We had a short ceremony and information was shared about trafficking and modern day slavery … then little pouches were distributed to everyone.


They filled the cracks as a metaphor for losing people in the cracks of politics, social injustice, ignorance, etc. and then we sang and chanted blessings.

The purpose is to stay alert, stop, look, and listen to what you are doing and where you are in relation to others.  See others, talk to others. Ask. Protect our children

A lovely way to unite …. purposeful and heart warming.  Even the children became involved.  They will remember.




Rites of Passage – a 60 Priestess Ceremony




It’s all about timing!

Allowing the Priestess Oversoul, the Universe, and the Winds of Connection seem to be the perfect creation and ideal ceremonies.

While traveling with my husband … Franky Baby …. on the west coast of Florida, I received a call from my Priestess Partner that she was interested in doing a Rite of Passage for her 60th year.  She wanted to do it while vacationing at the Beach in Siesta Key, Florida.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, but we were on the way there and planning to stay close by that evening anyway.  Check!

Gather sacred items and tools for sacred ceremony! Check!

Step into the energy that Bette had begun creating … a circle of shells, a circle of energy.

Use the floral arrangement prepared for her birthday gift by my daughter-in-law, Casey Rogers, for sprinkling and delighting. Check!

Adorn ourselves with head wreaths made by Bette the night before. Check!

Ceremony … Sacred Sound … Heart Sharings …. Check!

Rite of Passage in honor of a major life transformation.  Beautiful!

Thank you Bette for inviting me to participate and bring my sacred gifts.


Mother, Mother Ocean



Catching SoundWaves

There’s drumming and then there’s drumming.

Connecting with an earth element is the strongest connection and the best drumming experience ever.

Add the ocean breeze, the sounds of the surf, the laughter of the crowd, and the beats of the drum is an elevating experience.

Off we go to our island in the sun, where we carry no worries, no stress.  Where we feel totally connected in unity and community.

Be sure to come play with us in the future. Stay tuned for other circles.



My Crystal Ball – a Future Exploration



A Chance to Look into the Crystal Ball

When I think of what it would be like to be able to look into the future … thus, gauge my actions and experiences, there is only one thing I need to do.

It is then that I volunteer to bring the joy of music and play to a senior home or senior adult community.  Why? Because we are there.  Each one of us at some level and at some future date, is right there in the room with me.  I can see where I’m going; and, I can pick my direction.

Will I show up in life?  Will I participate?  

It is hear I am reminded to love and cherish each day; each relationship; each vision of myself.

So thankful to be allowed to mingle with these wise and caring hearts and souls.

An occasional drum circle, a little laughter, jo


y, dance, or chant will lift the spirits and make my day worth living and their day lived!


Thank you Mark Symons for including me in this vision.


Shamanic Journey Drumming – A Deep Dive




Three Journeys 


A deep sense of sacred connection held us in and around this event.  We had 3 drum journeys and a large gathering of women ready to step into their path.

I’m always so excited and full of amazing energy on the day of our event. 



Much of my joy comes from distributing my energy and manifesting a sacred space.


The sacred instruments and tools used for journey are selected by each person …. whatever resonates with them at the time.

Our Journeying Began… one to find our power animal so that it can accompany us on our journey.

Second, a Celtic Rainbow Journey to clear our chakras and see our self and our life purpose;

Thirdly, we traveled together in our drumming …. connecting to spirit, to the heartbeat of mother earth, to our safe place.  

Journal Writing after our journey

Using the talking stick to share our dream journey

Sharing and witnessing


Feeling connected at the heart level … always knowing the bond of trust and safety is there … in circle … at all times.


Vibe Tribe – Activating the Wise Woman



Activating the Womb Space / Wise Woman Energy created a connection to source beyond our expectations.

Our water ritual and releasing to mother earth to nurture her creations, was beautiful and connecting.

The VibeTribe is true to its name …. vibrations.

What a superb full moon night where we:

Activated Our Womb Space Wisdom 

Discovered our Relationship with the Wise Woman

Heard the Myth of Boann .. the Goddess of Fertility & Wisdom

Met Our Inner Wise Woman 

Created a Lunarized Water Ritual for Invoking the Wise Woman

Preparation for my VibeTribe

Altar Space

Wonderful strawberry ceviche

Our special goddess vibe tribe libation

Circling sacred space for the water ritual

Returning our sacred and blessed water to mother earth (and watering my garden)



Brigid Alena — Priestess


Receiving my Priestess name was just the beginning of the manifestation of creativity.  Brining Brigid into reality and into my daily life was my dream.

Hence, my new drum art .. thank you Jennifer Bothast for the amazing design.  The drum even sounds better than it did, which was not an easy task.  It vibrates with freedom, strength, and courage.

And, I continue, one beat at a time.


Drum Roll Please!


Drumming the Chakras – ChaBoom



Women, Sound, Vibration, Energy, Warmth, Color, Balance ….. say no more.


When you gather crystal bowls, drums, and chimes in a circle of women, that moment becomes the center of your universe .. Time suspends, joy exists, release happens, love surmounts all.

An evening of vibrational sound therapy for the mind, body, and spirit.  A Glorious Night.


Preparing for the circle.

A chakra explosion

Fun Preparation



I am content! Riding high again on the energy of sound.


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