The Queen’s Arise – Purposeful and Passionate


Enters the Queen,

The Queen Crowning / Coronation Ceremony took place on 11/4/17.  Eight beautiful women stepped over and through the threshold into a new Queen stage of life.  Embracing the Queen Archetype is purposeful and passionate.

Each Queen created her own Crown for the occasion.  Each Queen gifted another woman a small altar token. Each Queen shared an appetizer. Each Queen created their Time Capsules to be opened next year to review the Queen’s Intention Statement.

We all were anointed and received our Queen name …. which was derived and discovered during a meditation before our Ceremony.  We discussed the different archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Queen, and Crone … we were ready.

Through the Gold Streaming Curtain we entered and took our places.  Sally and Marilyn took turns anointing and crowning us …. 

With such deep ceremony, we had to lighten up a bit … Bubbles!!!

So blessed to provide this ritual and ceremony to women interested in embracing this special stage of life and embracing their life passage.

Wonderful to have witnesses, to be seen and heard in a collective community of awakened women.

We stepped in from the South (Mother Archetype) and out through the North (Queen) and crossed the Threshold of Flowers of Life into our new intentional consciousness.

Long Live The Queen!



All Good Things Must Never End – Awakening Series #4-#6


Hello Goddesses,

I know in my heart that  even though our Awakening the Inner Divine Feminine Series has come to an end, that the portals of deep wisdom and discovery were opened and will now continue to bloom.

This was my first series that I facilitated.  Even though I am experienced with weekly and monthly events, they do not always follow a program structure like this one did.  I must say that it does make a difference.  We all became very trusting and interested in the impact the information had on us individually and collectively.  We shared deeply, we ventured into new territory, we questioned our belief system, and we trusted the process.

We had a great time really connecting with the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Spirit as we molded clay goddesses in sacred ceremony.

We learned a threading technique that connects our multi-faceted feminine lives and energies.

We walked through a Re-Membering process that deepened our understanding of ourselves and our core value.

Within it all, we celebrated, laughed, cried, read, we created, and shared stories.  We danced, we drummed, we sang, we cheered, and we hugged in connection.

Such a wonderful program by Lisa Michaels.  I hope to do it again soon.  As for now, we are all preparing for Thanksgiving and the Winter Solstice.  

I’ll be checking in again soon.

In the meantime, continue creating sacred living ceremony for yourselves.  M


Module #3 – Awakening the Goddess Within



The weeks are flying by and the goddesses are AWAKENING. 

The level of bonding, sharing, and deepening is only possible in this circle we create together.  

We ALWAYS smudge before entering and crossing the threshold to the circle space.

Each Goddess Member receives her candle (usually battery for safety sake) to set on the altar as she enters the sacred space.

When taking their seat within the space, they select a Goddess Oracle Card and sit in meditative silence with the focus on the message coming from the card as they await the entire circle of women to enter and hold space.

The music playlist selection is gathered over days, weeks, months of finding those illuminating rhythms that open our hearts and light up our inner wisdom in full glory.  Music is always playing

We begin with deep breathing and a short meditative journey …. a quick writing of our personal intention and our essence we bring to the circle that night.

We use our talking stick as we voice our names bringing us present into the center of the circle.


New teachings are shared, connecting with the goddesses, and the intention of the nights gathering is clarified and discussed.

Dance? Yes, we dance, drum, move, and chant.  We activate our inner fire and prepare our physical container for all it is receiving and holding for us.

Closing is always bittersweet as we embody our information and release all that no longer serves, and step back over the threshold with the knowing that we are different in many ways and the same in so many also.  

We socialize a bit, and sometimes celebrate birthdays, but mostly we are grounding before returning to our daily life … holding special and close to our hearts, the deep nature of our circle and the authentic ways of women.

Our circle is magical!

We can no longer exist without our circle of women, our tribe, our courage, our support, our side-bys in life.

Until we meet again. Aho!