Celebrating Womb Wisdom & Activating the Wise Woman — A VibeTribe Gathering

June Full Moon Vibe Tribe 

Celebrating The Womb Space & The Wise Woman

Activating the Wise Woman

(**For ALL women …. those who still have their womb and for those that honor their blessed womb space but no longer have a womb**

* What if every woman knew how to tune into and

activate her womb wisdom?

* What if every woman made space for her wise woman to emerge

and for her wisdom to be invoked?


There is an element of the womb space that goes far beyond it’s physical capabilities. It’s a mysterious part of a woman that is a source of deep wisdom and connection. It is a sacred gateway to other realms and an oracle offering guidance and wisdom.

The womb space is the seat of a woman’s power and her feminine essence which gives birth to radiance, wisdom, power and passion.  

At this Full Moon Vibe Tribe, we will

  • Activate Your Womb Space Wisdom 
  • Discover our Relatioship with the Wise Woman
  • Hear the Myth of Boann .. the Goddess of Fertility & Wisdom
  • Meet Your Inner Wise Woman (Crone)
  • Create a Lunarized Water Ritual for Invoking the Wise Woman


If you have available, please bring:

  1. A photo or image of your Wise Woman or What You Imagine She Might Look Like
  2. You may also bring images of women you believe to be Wise Women
  3. Any item you would like to place on our altar that connects you to your Womb Space and Your Wise Woman.
  4. A journal and a pen


$20.00 per woman … pre-pay; $30 at door

*** Pre-pay preferred at:  http://Paypal.me/JustABeatAway/20

Limited Space for 12 Wise Women ***