Cool Conferences


While all others were chilled from the winter temperatures, I was heading to the ocean’s shore in Myrtle Beach, SC for the annual Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference.  It is always remarkable, but this year it was the BEST for me.  The weather was Spring-like and the energy was Hot Hot Hot!

After at least five years of attendance, maybe more, I’m finally feeling into the over-arching feel of this united community of service-oriented healers.  In the past, I have been (and still am really) a bit intimidated by the exceptional talent, years of experience, and list of credentials of the leaders and most of the attendees … but I feel a shift is taking place as the women rise up to share the needs of their community circles.

Connecting with a few online friends this year, and even rooming with one of them – Cheri Bunker, changed the way I connect to the overall group.  I did feel a part of the conference … meeting new friends and talking with others.  There is still a bit of a ‘miss’ when it comes to assuring people get to know one another … but all in good time.  There is so much jam-packed into the 3 days weekend, that it is hard to find time to chat and meet/greet with others.  The days start early and last until into the night with the Laser Drum Circle.

By the time it is over, we do feel each other .. inside and out.  We have all shown up in our authentic space and with our gifts and vibration …. it is a treasured time in the year for me.

Here are a few snaps of the Pathdrummer’s Guided Meditiation and a few group shots showing the unity of being with like-minded servants to community.

Beverly The Spirit Awakening Drum
Percussion Mandala
Rhythm & Art Workshop with Jeni
Linda Melcher, Rachel Nelson, Thom Dandridge
Cheri and Me at the Beach

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