Women’s Circle – Crystal Bowl Chakra Clearing & Sound Bath

Time: 6:30 pm

Where: Adele Grage Community Center – 716 Ocean Blvd, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Cost: $20 PP

What to Bring: Yoga mat or blanket, an eye pillow or scarf and a SMILE

Are you looking for a little RETREAT for your mind, body and spirit?

Are you ready to RENEW and CLEAR your Chakras and Energy Channels?

Do you want to REBOOT and learn how VIBRATIONAL SOUND affects your overall wellness and health?

As you relax in the circle of other women and focus your intention on reconnecting, renewing and replenishing your energetic field, YOU will be taken on a symphonic sound journey. You will feel into each chakra and release any blocks you may have acquired from the daily stresses in life. As you let go and allow yourself to be nurtured with these natural harmonic sounds, you will find a balanced space of openness and strength within your body.

Treat yourself to a beautiful and inspiring evening with Marilyn and her magical crystal singing bowls. Take time to share your experience with this supportive community of women and bring a friend too! This may be your first opportunity to receive this blissful form of natural relaxation or you may already know of the mind, body and spirit benefits of this science-based modality.

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What is a Sound Symphony of Crystal Singing Bowls

It has been scientifically established that each of the energy centers are associated with a musical note or vibrational frequency. The tones and sounds of each of the seven crystal bowls are beautiful and transformational. The vibrational sound will move through the air, float and linger for days as they magically align your natural chakra rhythms.

The crystal bowls are helpful in re-tuning the body at the cellular level and allowing your body to return to its natural state of bliss. Daily life can add stress and anxiety – sometimes all you need is to take a moment to relax and immerse yourself into these Vibrational Sounds to completely unwind.

**MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE – RSVP as soon as possible.

***Refund Policy: Full refund if canceled 1 full week prior to event