Drum Vibrations

Drum Vibrations

Minimum # of 15 drummers … both FB and Evite.  RSVP asap.

  • Connect with the Seasonal Vibe
  • Welcome Spring
  • Honor Upcoming World Water Day
  • Post-Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
  • Gather in Community and Connect at the Heartbeat

We are launching a Drum Vibrations drum circle this Sunday at 3pm.

This first circle will be donation-based, and then depending upon interest, we will begin having regular opportunities to enjoy the drum and community connection.

Carolyn Aidman (Sensua Players) from Atlanta will be teaching a new African Rhythm, then Marilyn will guide you in using those rhythms to find your own intuitive personal rhythm – connecting with your heartbeats to the heartbeat of the universe.

Bring a drum (if you have one) and a chair without arms if you have a folding metal chair. I will have chairs and drums to share if you don’t have one – so no worries there.

Please RSVP asap since this is last minute creation. You can RSVP HERE.  if you need more info, please contact Marilyn at marilynashewilson@gmail.com, 904-334-5290.

We are also looking for alternative locations that serve a drumming vibe. Keep a look-out and let us know.

You can invite guests.