Marilyn’s Flower of Life Tour


 Happy Springtime!

Welcome to my Flower of Life Blog …. where my garden is nurtured by a loving community of women in circle, where the focused intention of unity is foremost in our hearts, where the mindful dedication to long-lasting blooms excites us, and the juicy ritual and ceremony to celebrate each stage of personal growth gives us purpose and passage.  This FOL Blog is an extension of my new website entitled FlowerofLifeCeremonies and / or MarilynAsheWilson

I have been away for a while preparing my garden and making ready for the new season in my life and within my community.  As I find new ways of being together and moving onward along my life path, I return with the goodies and spread them in this garden that I call the Flower of Life.  So, a lot happened during that journey and I’d like to share the birthing experience with you now, if you have a minute for the Flower of Life Garden Tour. (a/k/a a vibrational sound experience)

Instead of a detailed log of the last seasonal gad-abouts, I’ve created a photo gallery and little summary below showing examples of the sacred modalities that fill my heart, my mind, and my Spirit.  I hope they serve you also.  

We Gather explores the importance of Women’s Circles, where gathering together influences and supports our daily heart-walk.  Regardless, of why we gather, we create an energy vortex of trust and unity that holds us up even when we are not together.  

We Express allows us to use the acquired Trust to more easily Express ourselves and communicate our truth to ourselves and others – these expressions take form in Meditative Drum Classes, Sacred Drum Circles, and Interactive Vibrational Drumming.  

We Flow with this new mode of communication which moves us into a stage of ease and grace with all things moving with the rhythms of nature.  Accessing our higher consciousness with the relaxing and renewing sounds of the crystal singing bowls, brass gongs, chimes, and more, we elevate and release our daily challenges and move into a space of healing.  

Yes, We Deepen Using these modalities to achieve whole-body wellness, finds us Deepening even more with Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, Personal Oracle Card Readings & Meditation, and Circles of Discovery.  We Deepen and expand into our full bouquet of creative expression. 

Oh, yes, to Celebrate.  Ceremony, Ritual, Crowning, Honoring, and Marking Life Passages and Life Milestones gathered in community support.  To bear witness and to witness our family, friends, and ourselves as we move through stages of life from baby blessings, house blessings, coming of age parties, retirement parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and healing and transition ceremonies is a gift we give together to those important and cherished in our lives.  Created and customized for YOU.


After your short tour through the gallery, you are invited to roam free through the website by simply clicking on any of the above tabs or flower blossoms on the Home Page where there are even more examples and stories of our events, circles, and ceremonies.

First, WE must GATHER …  a variety of opportunities were shared where we came together out of choice and curiosity. Answering The Call to Gather, was a sign that there was a need to have others in support and witness of our journey together.  Whether it was drumming, vibrational sound, or rhythmic influence … We Gathered – We Began Building our Foundation. 


WE EXPRESS because as we gathered, we became more connected and bonded through our experiences.  We began to feel the comfortable energy, and were freer to BE ourselves and to begin to BLOOM in Expressive ways.     In groups at the adult living communities programs, within intimate gatherings of book and writing groups, learning new drum rhythms from the Masters, and expressing that new rhythm out in the natural elements.  It all allows for connection and when we feel connection, we are able to express our full beauty and self.  We Expressed … We Are Strong in  Community.


WE FLOW. There was a Flow we could feel within the circle and it sent its energy out beyond into the community.  The ripples of delight and witnessing allowed an ease and grace surrounding us as we followed the moons, the tides, and the desire to be seen, heard, and witnessed.  We began to Flow, bringing our blessings and intentions to the waters, dancing for the earth and the trees in honor and protection, using sound to settle us and bring us together, and inviting other communities into our life garden so that we were able to share and learn.  We Flowed with Ease and Grace.


WE DEEPEN. As time and reflection do, we followed our Flow deep into our hearts finding that spiritual connection to ourselves and each other.  We also found the Divine Source that surrounds us all and supports us as we travel along our life path, growing and blooming in many ways.  We were gentle beautiful blooming women in a variety of life phases; leaning in and reflecting each others  joys and successes.    We Deepened in this community of many seeds, many blossoms, many ways of being all that we are and can be.  We witnessed and we continue to witness each others heart and beauty.


WE CELEBRATE and we hold space in community for bearing witness, love, and support for all of our friends and family in Ceremony.  We know that life passes quickly and there are so many memories and so many life stages that build a foundation and legacy — all Healing.  We mark this time with them, we honor them, we Celebrate them. Customized for YOU.

I hope you enjoyed our Flower of Life Circles and Ceremonies Tour …. there is so much more to view, so please enjoy your stroll through the pages and events. We invite you to please Contact us to see how you too can bloom within our community.

Until next time……Please Stop and Smell the Roses.  Marilyn


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