Flower of Life Ceremonies spans the concept of healing through community. 

We must Gather, we must Express, we must Flow, we must Deepen, and we must Celebrate in our lives to be full manifested and fully in bloom.  

The mind, body, spirit connection is available in circle and in ceremony. In community and in unity.

•  We Gather in interactive women’s circles, feeling into the connection of mind + body + spirit and allowing witness to our stories;

We Express and discover our primal heartbeat and soul rhythm by connecting with the heartbeat of the drum and universal rhythm;

We Flow by using vibrational sound and energy healing to bring the whole body, mind, and spirit into balance and wellness;

We Deepen and grow spiritually through conscious stillness in mindfulness meditation, Yoga Nidra, and journal writing;

We Celebrate in sacred ceremony to mark and honor our life passages, leaving a life legacy of value and passion.

Through Flower of Life Ceremonies, Marilyn ‘Mila’ creates a variety of women’s circles, special events, divine feminine workshop series, retreats, and ceremonies that are customized and themed around the concept of creating our own Flower of Life through nurturing and watering our heart-seeds to full bloom.  With overlapping circles of harmony using the universal language of love and peace we gather together, we express our truth, we flow with the natural universal rhythms, and we deepen into the mystery and magic of our life’s purpose, and we celebrate so our lives to be fully manifested and fully in bloom. 



As we Gather our seeds,

Express our choices,

enjoy the Flow of ongoing growth,

and Deepen our connection to the natural rhythms,

we Celebrate the passionate results,