Flower of Life Circles & Ceremonies

The Flower of Life Circles & Ceremonies span the concept that each one of us is responsible for creating our own beautiful and lush life garden. We must Gather, we must Express, we must Flow, and we must Deepen in our lives to be full manifested and fully in bloom. 

Through Flower of Life Circles & Ceremonies, Marilyn creates a variety of women’s circles, special events, divine feminine workshop series and retreats that are themed around the concept of creating our own Flower of Life through nurturing and watering our heart-seeds to full bloom.  With overlapping circles of harmony using the universal language of rhythm, we gather together, we express our truth, we flow with the natural universal rhythms, and deepen into the mystery and magic of our life’s purpose.

We invest in those things that bring us the most comfort and joy. We find that fertile ground where peace, stillness, acceptance, and love can grow within ourselves. It is a true legacy.

Following is a short list of the types and modalities of Flower of Life Circles & Ceremonies that are presented in and around the surrounding community of Jacksonville.  Please scroll down for a short summary of our themed circles or jump over to the Blooming Event Page now …. and come back here to visit again and roam the garden.  Remember, new seeds are being gathered at all times, and new flowers are blooming. 

  • Sistership Circles
  • Goddess/Priestess Classes
  • Full and New Moon Rituals
  • Interactive Community Drumming
  • Sacred & Meditative Drumming
  • Health & Wellness Drum Program
  • Vibrational Sound Healing
  • Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Class
  • House and Office Blessings
  • Healing Ceremonies


The Flower of Life Circles and Ceremonies categories are:

We Gather - Women's Circles

Experience Stillness . . Raise Your Vibration . . Be One in Community

Flower of Life Ceremonies bring themed circles to women interested in a stronger connection to their divine feminine essence as they journey along the path of self-discovery.

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We Express - Intentional Drum Circles

Create Unity . . Find Your Rhythm . . Discover Your Beat.

As we express our inner beat, we see, feel, and hear ourselves; our story is told. Drumming in a circle with others, brings healing to our hearts and minds.

The rhythmic beat on the drum emanating from our own heartbeat, helps us slow down, find our center of stillness, and feel safe to go inward. As we release life’s daily tensions we begin to affect our own health and wellness.

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We Flow - Sound Healing Sessions

Restore . . Renew..Balance . . Tune In . . Connect to Your Life Force

Sound Healing & Energy Sessions are based on the belief that certain tones and sounds bring energetic sound waves to the body and into alignment. It basically reboots the nervous system and the body’s cells.

“The potential for sound to affect us on a deep emotional level makes music our universal language, and according to ancient traditions, music is everywhere.” (Nancy Safford… Magdelene Awakens)

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We Deepen - Mindful Meditation

We Seed . . We Nurture . . We Discover . . We Bloom

We flourish in meditation circles, and earth-based ceremonial women’s circles. These circles provide the sacred space needed for deepening the emergent feminine experience.

Flower of Life Circles & Ceremonies offer meditative opportunities within sacred circles where trust and support are of utmost importance. Together in circles, this trust is developed as we enter into our heart of hearts.

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Remember, As we Gather our seeds, Express our choices, enjoy the Flow of ongoing growth, and Deepen our connection to the natural rhythms, we are blessed with the results – A LIFE IN FULL BLOOM!