Flower of Life



Flower of Life

Flower of Life

I am a Flower …..

Yes, I’m beautiful, I’ve heard it before

And, it never grows old.


I’m worshipped for my looks,

My scent, my looks.

But here’s the thing, life starts with me.

You see, I feed people.

Every fruit comes from me,

Every potato, Me,

Every kernel of corn, Me,

Every grain of rice, Me

Me, Me, Me, I know; but it’s true.


And sometimes, I feed their souls.

I’m their words when they have none.

I say I LOVE YOU without a sound

I’m SORRY without a voice.


I inspire the greatest of them;

Painters, Poets, Pattern-makers.

I’ve been a Muse to them all.

But, in my experience,

People underestimate the power of a pretty little Flower;

Because the LIFE does start with Me

And, it would END without me.

That is the Flower of Life … Native American Song/Poem


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