Flying High On Priestess Energy


From the Mountains to the Ocean … homeward bound

Flying high with the priestess global gathering energy, we stopped to visit family and energy buddies in Atlanta.

A wonderful way to decompress .. exploring the Cities of Dahlonega and Helen in North Georgia were a quiet respite to reconnect with hubby (Franky Baby). 

Perfect timing to participate in a Shamanic Journey Lower and Upper World experience with my Shaman teachers, Barbara and Christy.  I could think of no better way to absorb my last week of emerging as Priestess, than to use that energy to deepen my connection with my inner feminine, connect with my totem animal (cow — Brigid energy of course).

Sealing the mountain getaway with a super evening with my oldest son and his family, even though we fought the trenches of serious storms.

All in all, a teaching adventure full of natures timings and universal glory.


Homeward ….. and excited to see what the landscapers created while we were away.  My new ceremonial yard and zen garden!


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