A Goddess .. An Awakening … A Sharing … A Sacred Connection


Despite Hurricanes, Flooding, Recovery, and Restoration in Florida, the Goddesses gathered in a whirlwind of their own stormy and fashionable energy.  Our six-week Awakening the Divine Inner Goddess Series started with eight (8) women, who didn’t hesitate to invest in themselves and stand in their power and knowledge that circle is our essence.

Module #1 was all about creating the container, activating the physical realm — EARTH — so that we could hold and contain the information we will gather and learn over the next 6 Mondays, and being able to hold space for the many different places in the women’s hearts where this learning will land … where does it find them? where does it land in their heart? where will it take them?

We witness each other — beam back a reflection of love and acceptance — hug in support and knowing.

Thank you to our first group of Awakening Goddesses – Karen Allen, Penny Hughes, Tambra Kipp, Amy Decker, Tracy Duncan (the birthday goddess), Sally Baldwin, with Cindy Diamond and Marilyn Wilson (not shown).


So looking forward to Week and Module #2 … 


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