All Good Things Must Never End – Awakening Series #4-#6


Hello Goddesses,

I know in my heart that  even though our Awakening the Inner Divine Feminine Series has come to an end, that the portals of deep wisdom and discovery were opened and will now continue to bloom.

This was my first series that I facilitated.  Even though I am experienced with weekly and monthly events, they do not always follow a program structure like this one did.  I must say that it does make a difference.  We all became very trusting and interested in the impact the information had on us individually and collectively.  We shared deeply, we ventured into new territory, we questioned our belief system, and we trusted the process.

We had a great time really connecting with the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Spirit as we molded clay goddesses in sacred ceremony.

We learned a threading technique that connects our multi-faceted feminine lives and energies.

We walked through a Re-Membering process that deepened our understanding of ourselves and our core value.

Within it all, we celebrated, laughed, cried, read, we created, and shared stories.  We danced, we drummed, we sang, we cheered, and we hugged in connection.

Such a wonderful program by Lisa Michaels.  I hope to do it again soon.  As for now, we are all preparing for Thanksgiving and the Winter Solstice.  

I’ll be checking in again soon.

In the meantime, continue creating sacred living ceremony for yourselves.  M


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