In preparation for the Autumnal Equinox and the illumination and activation of JOY, the newest prayer scarf from the Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves and The Spirited Woman organization…here is my photo wearing the scarves and enjoying the comfort and healing energy of their colors and JOY.

This is me in my scarves … enjoy!

Here is the link to get yours:

So many ways to enjoy JOY!

I en-JOY scarves by the pool.
I en-JOY scarves by the pool.

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AND even though I’m not participating in the Joy Drum Circle that requests everyone to purchase a scarf to attend…I am facilitating a Fall Equinox Drumming For Joy Event and will be using reiki energy for the scarves during that event in a mini-ceremony for JOY …..


Unfortunately, since I’m not requiring the attendees to purchase a scarf for attendance, I am not part of the posted circles for Joy, so am posting here and on my page.  My mantra is Live It, Love It, and Pass It On … and with that I believe in inclusiveness, not exclusiveness .. and offer opportunity for others to learn and grow with me.

Scarf or no scarf, I want to see those big hearts and big smiles at my event as we grow together as ONE!

That way all the sisterhood can attend and grow and learn.  Can’t wait!


September 20 – 3PM

Let me know if you need more details.

In Joy – Marilyn



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