What Is A Life-Cycle Celebrant?

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Now imagine that same garden without the nurturing, without the careful selection, without the loving display, and without the heirloom vase for others to witness, see, and appreciate.  The story — unmarked and forgotten.

That is the LifeCycle difference!  It means that important and meaningful transitions in your life, or the lives of those you love, will no longer go unnoticed or uncelebrated.  Instead, those events that mark the life passage of your choice, will be witnessed, supported, deepened, and remembered.  It will be a Flower in Your Life Bouquet.

As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, I help people…just like you…create custom ceremonies to celebrate special times in your life and mark your life transitons…like Mother Blessings, Milestone Birthdays, Baby Welcomings, Military Homecomings or Deployments, or a House Blessing when moving or leaving your home. We talk about it, I write what you want, and then present it for you and your guests.  I’ll guide you in choosing rituals, readings, symbols, and music to fulfill your ideal.

By honoring the sacred nature of these transitions, you are able to reclaim your wholeness as and individual and re-establish your connection to and responsibility for others as a community member.

714 Wilson-68I believe in the power and effectiveness of ceremony and ritual to serve your basic needs.  My mission is to help you, my client, create a ceremony that reflects your beliefs, philosophy of life, and personality. As a  Celebrant, I have no agenda; no preconceived notion of what the ceremony should or must look like. Instead, through careful interviewing, I elicit what is meaningful to you.

As a LifeCycle Celebrant, I graduated and received specialized credentialing and in depth instruction from the Celebrant Foundation and Institute in New Jersey.  The CF&I is a non-profit organization educating and training ceremonial speakers in the history, writing, and performing of customized and personalized original ceremonies. More information can be found at celebrantinstitute.org.


Enjoy the LifeCycle difference and bring full bloom to your life’s bouquet!

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