Motherless Mother’s Day

(Courteous Disclaimer: since I do not know the personal lives of all of you, if this invitation does not apply to you, please pass on with love to a person that you believe would benefit or appreciate this ceremony. Thank you.)


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On the Sunday BEFORE Mother’s Day

I am honoring this Special Day


Celebrating the Mothers That Are No Longer With Us


Celebrating the Great Mother Earth, Mother of Us All.

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As we all know, Mother’s Day is all about “Celebrating Mom.”

The assumption on Mother’s Day is that our mothers are alive and well and this is a special day to thank them for being our mothers. So everything on this day is geared to showing Mom how much we care by giving her flowers, cards, candy and gifts.  All of these activities and advertising campaigns can be very painful if we don’t have a mother with us to celebrate.

This is also a painful time for those who never knew their mother for a variety of reasons, or do not currently have an ongoing relationship with their mother . . . .  yet, are faced with this reminder every year.  At this time of year, we find we have nowhere to place our emotions surrounding that theme and to fill our empty hearts.

To bring light once again, or for the first time, into this special time of year, to enjoy the Spring season together, and to share gratitude for our lives and for Mother Earth, come share with us and make this day about love, memories, support, compassion and honoring.

I am hosting this event at my house, in the backyard or patio if weather is permitting, so please stay to share a potluck afterwards.  In order for each of you to be a energetic presence in our circle and a support in our ceremony, please plan to bring the following:

  1. A photo of your mother or an item that brings her forward in your memory (optional).  You may also wish to bring a photo of any woman that you are honoring on this day.
  2. A good story about your mother (woman you are remembering).
  3. And, for the potluck — ‘a dish your mother would have made’ (or a dish that you wish would have been made for you.)
  4. Your open heart and a loving spirit.

Please RSVP as soon as possible for planning purposes.  A $10 donation will be graciously accepted.

Address & Directions at RSVP


I look forward to begin creating loving memories with you in this new year of 2018!



call or text anytime for more info or details.

A Big Thank You to Shae Usina, my teacher at Celebrant Foundation & Insitute for offering this beautifully written ceremony so all communities and peoples can honor their mothers on Mother’s Day.