New Moon Circle – January


I really feel compelled and passionate about creating and offering New Moon Circles to the feminine community.  It fills my soul and lifts my Spirit when I can create sacred space for myself and others allowing us to focus on our gifts of Spirit and how we may best serve our community and thus, humanity.


Our first circle was in January and it was delightful. We created infused bath salts to use on the Full Moon Night …. it was beautiful with drumming, chant, laughter, creative genius, and special guest – Kelly Triplett – sang a couple of her songs for us.  Marla, Kelly’s partner, joined in also and brought her ‘old country’ oregano leaves for our infused salts and made it very special.  Each of the women brought different oils, flowers, etc. to mix with the salts.  It was heavenly.  We are all very blessed.

New Moon Altar
2014-01-30 20.08.30
The Creative Hands Infusing the Salts
photo 2 copy
Feet providing balance
photo 2
Mary, Jackie, Priscilla, Kate, Kelly, Marla, Me and Donna



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