No One Falls Through the Cracks in Jax – Red Sand


Priestess Blessings

Another blessing of being a part of the Priestess Community is the wise and helpful knowledge and experience held and offered as gifts to humanity.

During my recent global Priestess gathering, the grandmother’s circled to discuss ways to serve.

A friend mentioned the Red Sand Project.

The Red Sand Project raises awareness for Sex Trade and Human Trafficking victims around the globe.

It resonated deeply with me for many personal and humanitarian reasons.  I do live at the beach and we resonate with sand and sex.  Who knew that Florida, my State, was #3 in the Nation for Human Trafficking issues, arrests, and conditions.  Jacksonville, my city, is one of the highest in these crimes.

Thus, my mantra – ‘No One Falls Thru the Cracks in Jax’

This is our girls we are talking about … future Priestesses, Goddesses, Mothers, Wives …. what the heck?

Yes, it involves all genders, ages, and races, but of course women are the majority.

So, with that information, I decided to do a Red Sand Project Installation here in Jacksonville. 

After many rain and weather cancellations, we finally we able to gather at our local community center ….

We had a short ceremony and information was shared about trafficking and modern day slavery … then little pouches were distributed to everyone.


They filled the cracks as a metaphor for losing people in the cracks of politics, social injustice, ignorance, etc. and then we sang and chanted blessings.

The purpose is to stay alert, stop, look, and listen to what you are doing and where you are in relation to others.  See others, talk to others. Ask. Protect our children

A lovely way to unite …. purposeful and heart warming.  Even the children became involved.  They will remember.




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