Passions & Paths

What’s Your Passion? Where’s Your Path? Have You Heard The Call to Your Heroine’s Divine Journey?


I’m on a Mission!  A Passionate Path!

Women! Have you ‘shucked’ the corporate suits, the business attire, the 9-5?

Have you followed your dreams, your passions, your touchstones?

Did you ‘Hear The Call?’


Maybe you’ve Heard the Call, but dismissed and rejected it over and over for lots of reasons – yet deep in your heart of hearts, you know you have a life purpose yet to be fulfilled.  You long for expression and discovery of that purpose.

Your journey is sacred.  You heard the call and you responded.  Now, you are on your way; or, you crossed the threshold and you are already following your heart’s passion and have quite the story to tell. That’s where Passions & Paths comes in. I interview those of you who followed your heart, despite the risks.  You turned caution to the wind and followed a soft voice that you knew was your call to your personal path to wholeness.  Following the Heroine’s Journey process, we talk about your journey.  Will you be one of my guests soon?  We shall see.

As researched and written by Joseph Campbell in ‘The Hero’s Journey’ and followed by Maureen Murdock’s The Heroine’s Journey, and, then Jean Houston in ‘The Wizard of Us”  — a very clear outline exists in our lives when following our journey to our life’s purpose.  It’s a basic outline in all Fairy Tale Stories, Fantasy Stories, Comic Book Thrillers, Soap Operas, etc.  — there is a pattern – there are keys.  If we know it, if we find them, if we follow them, they will lead us to our purpose.

The Call to Action

The Refusal or The Acceptance

Help from the Guardians

Crossing The Threshold

The Road of Trials

Belly of the Whale

Return with the Reward

Where are you on this spectrum … this life stage?


So, I’m curious.  I have questions. I want to understand this more clearly.

To do that, I decided to interview the women that have already started their journey.  Some have just started and ‘Heard the Call’; while others have crossed to the other side and back…..each are at different places in their journey and want to share how they made the Leap of Faith to find their Passions & Paths.

If I haven’t already contacted you and set you up on my schedule … then, please contact me and we’ll chat and determine the best time and fit for our call.  These will be recorded and uploaded on YouTube and my website.  You can use your promo interview however you would like.  It is yours too.

Look for Passions & Paths in 2018 in and around the surrounding First Coast and Virtual Global Community.

Just a few of the line-up of women that I’m inviting to join me … add your photo and name here by contacting me when you Hear the Call!

Becky Watson .. Music4Wellness
Sharon Westbrook – PaintedLadyArts
Carolyn Messere, Holistic Wellness
Bette Wappner, Paintress of Peace
Dolores Gozzi, Naturescycles Gaia
Bonnie Salamon & Judy Keating, The Path of the Priestess
Jill Henry, Otto Labyrinth & Gardens
Cherie Bunker, Drum It Up