The Dandelion Experience

 *What is A Dandelion Experience?

Created several years ago as an homage to my years as a military dependent.  The Dandelion Flower is the ‘military brat’ symbol for change and transformation … it is light, healing, and blows where the wind takes it. Thus, bloom where you’re planted. They have very small flowers collected together into a composite flower head (session). Each single flower in a head is called a floret (or healing selection). I felt it was a fitting description and tells a lot about me.

The dandelion experience is introduced as an opening to heal and bloom where you are at that moment … the healing and energy work will embrace you exactly where it needs to be released or activated.  Trust the Dandelion Experience to meet you where you are in your journey and healing.

The Dandelion Experience Session is a combination or selection of five (5) Personal Services offered for Nurturing your individual mind, body, and spirit.  See detail at bottom of this page and at Healing Sessions page.

You May Choose 3 of these 5 - further details at bottom of page:
1.sacred sound healing and oracle card reading
2.meditative drum lesson/session
3.shamanic drumming & cord cuttings 
4.reiki healing with sound
5.personal ceremonies & blessings


The Dandelion 

‘She will blow and blow, but will never know, where the little dandelion will go;

where the little dandelion will grow.

The wind takes it high, the wind takes it low,

but still she will never know where the little dandelion will go;

where the little dandelion will go’.

…a poem by Chelsea

It’s Time For You!

So, now, please,..

Review the offerings below for your Dandelion Experience,

and, then

Select up to three (3) modalities to combine together for a whole-body experience of sound healing and personal journey. 

and, then

Contact me for clarification of selection or wait until we meet to decide. 

For You, a sacred investment and energy exchange of $45 per hour offering 

Let’s Get Started…..

#1 – one on one sound sessions:

in sacred space, using a combination of instruments such as drums, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan brass gong and gong bowls, tuning forks, flutes, and music – we ‘tune-in’ to your energetic pattern and extended energy field.  We focus on naming, feeling, clearing, calming, and balancing the mind, body, spirit connection so your body is able to do what it does best … Heal! And, you are able to achieve whole-body wellness.


#2 – basic healing drum session and sound bath:

Drum Massage

in sacred space, we allow the drum to guide you and connect with your heartbeat, settling in and tuning in to a calming and constant rhythm. once we discover your natural heartbeat, a sonic sound bath will smooth the stress and undue concerns as your body returns you to a natural state of harmony.  you can choose to join me in drumming or enjoy the vibrational energy by sitting, standing, or lying down.  


#3 – shamanic journey drumming:

in sacred space, through shamanic drumming beats, you are guided into the spirit realm for deep discovery.  first, you will be guided to your  totem animal guide in the lower world; with your totem animal, you will enter the upper world where the spirit guides and higher self dwell awaiting your visit and ready to assist you with answers, images, ideas, inspirations, and more.  you will learn to be your own shaman, tending to your entry and exit as I guide you along with pulsing drumbeats for your grounding and conscious return.  afterwards, you are invited to journal, share, or unwind as you embrace the wonders discovered on your journey. a powerful and healing experience.

#4 – reiki healing session w/sound

in sacred space, you may sit or lay down and experience the magnetic movement of your energy, releasing negative or unnecessary traumas or concerns of whatever no longer serves you, and allow space for breathing in of light and positive energy. this session may release pain blocks in mind, body, and spirit and leave you with a general feeling of lightness and ease.  I often use a sound bowl or drum along with a light hovered touch to locate the areas calling for clarity and healing.  crystals may also be used for clearing and calming.  a de’light’ful session.

#5 – personal healing ceremonies

in sacred space, together we create and customize personal rituals and/or ceremonies for those times when marking a life passage requires witness and celebration. together, we honor, bless, anoint, release, or manifest any success or challenges requiring attention and intention.  these ceremonies may be elaborate or as simple as a lighted candle surrounded by intense meditation. you may also wish to create a larger community or family celebration … if so, I invite you to visit We Celebrate for more information in customizing the perfect ceremony for your spiritual needs.

Energy Exchange:

If you Hear the Call to embrace ‘healing time for yourself’ – each hourly session above is $45, and an invitation for you to join me in sacred space.  Please contact me here.


Bloom Where You Are Planted!