Peaceful Living – Peaceful Closing


Collaboration! I love it.  A great way to use the collective energies, wits, and wisdom when planning.

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I was invited by Mark Thompson, LifeCycle Celebrant, to join in the planning and officiating of a special Closing Ceremony for a wellness center owned by a mutual friend of ours.  Additionally, Woody Winfree – also a LifeCycle Celebratn – would be teaming up with us too …. a 3-some.

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Our purpose was to gift this ceremony to Kristi … her purpose celebrate her transition to another career level and follow her heart and at the same time honor the community that supported and helped build the wonderful wellness center created in our downtown Avondale area.  It was a bittersweet night ….

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Our mission was to anchor the community and to honor her work.  Based on the evening and the bonding of all there, we feel very successful and Kristi quite 1_6

From inscribing rocks to gift, to a spiral candle walk to Hallelujah, to sharing, gifting, passing the keys, and finally to cradling — the ceremony captured her journey and her path.

photo 1_2photo 5_4photo 1_11 photo 3A beautiful night and beautiful spirits to share the deep feelings of transition.

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