Priestess and the Sea


As I reflect back into May 2017, I realize why I haven’t had a bit of time to settle down to catch up on my journal posting.

2017 is proving to be quite a year of manifestation of dreams beginning with my Emergence as an Alchemical Priestess in the lineage of Nicole Christine.  

At a Global Gathering of Priestesses held in the Highlands, NC area … I, along with 20 other women, emerged as Priestesses, High Priestesses, and Creation Goddesses after extensive and intensive trainings lasting a minimum of 9 months.  As a woman, I believe it is a high honor to be in this community of divine feminine glory sisters.  Never in my life have I ever felt so honored, held, supported, and encouraged — I was WITNESSED and SEEN.  Quite an experience and one that I will hold in my heart forever more, I am sure.

I know move toward my Advanced Priestess Training as a High Priestess and look toward another year of training and deepening.  A beautiful way to honor my 70th year on this planet … succumbing to the natural rhythms and alchemy of turning all things into love.

Below are several photos of the gathering festivities, after my gracious arrival and delivery by my husband and main supporter, Franky Baby. Photos include Priestess Partner Bette Wappner, who held space for me during the 9 months of gestation and transformation along with many other elevated feminine women.  

I am deeply honored and blessed to be a part of this community with Lisa Michaels as our Highest Priestess of all, Judy Keating, my Priestess Teacher, and my good friend Bonnie — High Priestess.

Global Gathering of Priestesses


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