You Are Cordially Invited

to attend

‘Enters The Queen’


Inaugural Queen Crowning Ceremony & Celebration


Saturday, November 4, 2017

4:00pm – 6:30pm


Marilyn’s Misty Water Home Studio

2443 Misty Water Drive, East – Windsor Chase Subdivision

RSVP as soon as possible by return email or 904-334-5290


THIS FIRST QUEEN CROWNING IS OPEN TO ALL WOMEN, ALL AGES that would like to embrace the Queen Archetype.  (see details below)

However, you do not have to accept a crown in order to attend – just come in support and witness for your sisters if you would like to do that this first time. No pressure, but the more Queens, the Merrier!

Author of Queen of MySelf

1. We will have lite munchies and a Queenly cocktail after our Crowning.

2. Please add a small Queenly appetizer dish to our banquet table if you are able.

3. Please remember to bring your pre-selected Queen’s crown for your ‘crowning.’

4. Please offer a small wrapped altar item to be gifted to another participant at random.

5.We will have a Queen’s Birthday/Transformation Cake for all to share.

A few more details are below regarding the Queen Archetype:

**The Queen Archetype is the 3rd life transition for women when following the Maiden, Mother, Queen, Crone stages of a woman’s life.  It easily is combined as Mother/Queen or Queen/Crone, as we are multi-faceted women.

This stage is often referred to as ‘priestess, guardian, goddess, or queen’ and basically denotes the ages of 45-80 depending upon the woman’s choice to accept the Call.   

Please join us and rsvp as soon as possible, so Sally Baldwin, my co-creator, and I can make the necessary plans and activities.  RSVP by return email or contact Marilyn at 904-334-5290.

Sacred Energy Exchange …. 11th Month  – $11 donation – 11 Master Number

Thank you … Marilyn & Sally

This celebration is being performed by LifeCycle Celebrant Marilyn Wilson in collaborative partnership with Sally Baldwin, sacred energy practitioner. Marilyn and Sally will also be receiving the Crown as they embrace the Queen Archetype and celebrate their 70th year on our planet.

If you are interested in joining the ‘royal expedition’ and celebrating this life passage AS a WITNESS or as a QUEEN INITIATE, please RSVP HERE: