Enters The Queen: Purposeful and Passionate


Enters the Queen,

The Queen Crowning / Coronation Ceremony took place on 11/4/17.  Eight beautiful women stepped over and through the threshold into a new Queen stage of life.  Embracing the Queen Archetype is purposeful and passionate.

Each Queen created her own Crown for the occasion.  Each Queen gifted another woman a small altar token. Each Queen shared an appetizer. Each Queen created their Time Capsules to be opened next year to review the Queen’s Intention Statement.

We all were anointed and received our Queen name …. which was derived and discovered during a meditation before our Ceremony.  We discussed the different archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Queen, and Crone … we were ready.

Through the Gold Streaming Curtain we entered and took our places.  Sally and Marilyn took turns anointing and crowning us …. 

With such deep ceremony, we had to lighten up a bit … Bubbles!!!

So blessed to provide this ritual and ceremony to women interested in embracing this special stage of life and embracing their life passage.

Wonderful to have witnesses, to be seen and heard in a collective community of awakened women.

We stepped in from the South (Mother Archetype) and out through the North (Queen) and crossed the Threshold of Flowers of Life into our new intentional consciousness.

Long Live The Queen!



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