Rites of Passage – a 60 Priestess Ceremony




It’s all about timing!

Allowing the Priestess Oversoul, the Universe, and the Winds of Connection seem to be the perfect creation and ideal ceremonies.

While traveling with my husband … Franky Baby …. on the west coast of Florida, I received a call from my Priestess Partner that she was interested in doing a Rite of Passage for her 60th year.  She wanted to do it while vacationing at the Beach in Siesta Key, Florida.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, but we were on the way there and planning to stay close by that evening anyway.  Check!

Gather sacred items and tools for sacred ceremony! Check!

Step into the energy that Bette had begun creating … a circle of shells, a circle of energy.

Use the floral arrangement prepared for her birthday gift by my daughter-in-law, Casey Rogers, for sprinkling and delighting. Check!

Adorn ourselves with head wreaths made by Bette the night before. Check!

Ceremony … Sacred Sound … Heart Sharings …. Check!

Rite of Passage in honor of a major life transformation.  Beautiful!

Thank you Bette for inviting me to participate and bring my sacred gifts.


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