Seasonal Ceremony – New Moon


As a LifeCycle Celebrant, ceremony becomes so much more meaningful.  Bringing that deeper purpose and the connection to heart through ritual and celebration changes the way we look at so many things in life.

Most recently, I presented a New Moon Circle for the community of women living in the Jacksonville Beaches area …. so many new spirit sisters and several long time circle friends gathered on this dark, hot and humid night.

photo 3

The July New Moon was in Leo … so standing in our power and being the rising stars that we are, was the theme of the evening as we seeded what we wanted to activate in the next weeks and month.

Joanna Karen & Me

We gathered – we chatted – we learned – we wrote our intentions – we stepped into the circle of power and shared our intention words with our circle sisters.  A special piece of pottery was the vessel for us to place our papers in until later, we picked up our little seed pots, placed seeds of fire (peppers) and little reminder seeds (forget me nots) .. into the soil, sprinkled water and placed on the altar.  When everyone completed their intentions, we each lit our candle and stood in a circle around the burning pot …. and allowed Leo Fire … to transmute the words and intentions into the energy necessary to activate our wishes and dreams … Fire is the transformer of all it consumes.  From paper to fire to ash to smoke.

photo 1

It was a beautiful evening.

photo 3

As always, we had much to share after the circle gathering …. and enjoyed our new friendships and long time sister friends.



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