Shamanic Journey Drumming – A Deep Dive




Three Journeys 


A deep sense of sacred connection held us in and around this event.  We had 3 drum journeys and a large gathering of women ready to step into their path.

I’m always so excited and full of amazing energy on the day of our event. 



Much of my joy comes from distributing my energy and manifesting a sacred space.


The sacred instruments and tools used for journey are selected by each person …. whatever resonates with them at the time.

Our Journeying Began… one to find our power animal so that it can accompany us on our journey.

Second, a Celtic Rainbow Journey to clear our chakras and see our self and our life purpose;

Thirdly, we traveled together in our drumming …. connecting to spirit, to the heartbeat of mother earth, to our safe place.  

Journal Writing after our journey

Using the talking stick to share our dream journey

Sharing and witnessing


Feeling connected at the heart level … always knowing the bond of trust and safety is there … in circle … at all times.


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