SoundWAVES – A Community Rhythm Circle

April 23rd and May 28th
Time: 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Where: Adele Grage Cultural Center – 716 Ocean Blvd. Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Bring your “Found Sound” and/or Percussion instruments to our FIRST…”SoundWAVES Community Rhythm Circle”.

What is Found Sound?

Anything you have or find that makes a sound when played. (Wire or plastic clothes hanger, shells, rocks, chewing gum container, pill box, etc.)

What type of Percussion can I bring?

Flutes (any kind), egg shakers, stringed instrument, chimes, rainstick, didgeridoo, etc. NO DRUMS

Gather with your friends, neighbors, musicians, playful hearts and wellness-minded individuals while we circle together to bring a unifying energy to the community by simply creating One Rhythm using only percussion instruments.

Release the stresses of the day, week, or month and let go of your To-Do list as you relax into the soft natural sounds of light percussion and heartbeat that will clear your mind and body and re-energize your spirit.  A perfect way to find your natural flow.

At this Community Rhythm Circle we focus our intention and create a healing and healthy environment for harmony within our community and beyond.

This is a non-religious gathering that creates a spiritual atmosphere where you have the opportunity to give and receive the healing power of human intent focused through music, voice, and movement (optional).

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY…..just bring any percussion or soft sound instrument, your simile, your heartbeat, a blanket to sit on (some chairs and percussion instruments will be available).

OPEN TO ALL – One Heartbeat + One Rhythm = One Community

$10 per person donation graciously accepted as we pass the basket or RSVP and donate now.