Spirit – Sound – Sisters



Over the last couple of months, I have enjoyed using the venue space at Adele Grage Community Center in Atlantic Beach, Florida for a series of Women’s Circles with a variety of themes.  The space allows for an open invitation in numbers of attendees and gives us all the modern conveniences of restrooms, kitchens, wood floors, patios, and even a park that is 2 blocks from the beach if we were so moved!  (Who doesn’t like that?)

Most recently twenty women gathered together in community for the New Moon Cha-Boom experience.  Clearing our Chakras with Drumming and Sound.  



We have a format …. and it goes something like this….

A centerpiece / altar is set up to hold the energy and any items that are precious or themed for the month.





Opening the directions with elemental instruments – wood, tambourines, shakers, rain sticks, and more

Settling into our focused intentions for the new moon month ….



Entering the themed experience.  This time sharing a crystal activity for stillness …. spinning our energy to sense the change …. creating a sound wave to move the chakra energy through our bodies …. drumming the beat for each chakra location to clear and reboot our system …. ending in a collective chant and jam.



Goddess Cards or Themed Oracle Cards are selected.

We enter into the discussion and format of the monthly theme.



Group or Partner Shares. New relationships were formed.  Women learned of many other offerings within the group. Our community expanded.  We Laughed, We Smiled, We Moved, We Stepped Into Our Lives.





We close with thanks for all the elementals and spirit guides and warm, loving energies that joined together within this vortex of energy.

Thank you all who attended …. so much more to come.

We are One in Unity, One in Love …..



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