Summer Solstice Ceremony


As I continue to study and prepare for my final course as a LifeCycle Celebrant, I look for opportunities to be a part of circles and ceremony.  It just so happened that upon a recent visit to my son in Cape Coral, Florida … just around the corner, the universe introduced me to a wonderful woman and a Summer Solstice Ceremony.

2014-06-22 20.27.53

That ceremony and meeting connected me with Nancy Mills in California who created Spirited Women …. and now, I am part of the organization and in the directory this next year.  As a card holding member of the Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves, I am reminded that my path is blessed already and all I need to do is show up.scarf m


I had a wonderful time visiting and a wonderful time sharing the experience with my daughter-in-law, Casey.scarf c

Even got a boat ride and dinner on the water.2014-06-22 20.27.53

Cape Coral houses my favorite artist … Leoma Lovegrove… and her adorable gallery on Matlacha Island.  Had to get this photo.  That is a ceremony right there!!!!2014-06-22 11.46.43


So the Summer Solstice Ceremony was presented and facilitated by Dolores Gozzi .. who is also an intuitive card reader.  I had my cards read and am paying close attention to the message.2014-06-21 15.26.28  Both of us are followers of Lisa Michaels too and seem to have a lot in common and similar paths.  What a beautiful world.

This is the group of points for our Tree of Life Ceremony. 2014-06-21 14.57.142014-06-21 14.56.42

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