Tibetan Singing Bowls


Lori LeBlanc

An angel dropped into our community of healers and light workers….that Angel is  – Lori LeBlanc. 

 Lori brings with her an assortment of Tibetan Brass Singing Bowls and a Heart of Gold.  Full of light and teachings from far and wide, she has touched many in this community already with her healing sound and warmth.

I was drawn to Lori immediately.  Conversation was quick and open as we began ‘networking talk’ at the Beaches Holistic Alliance’s sign in table.  Her friendliness and eagerness to learn and to share was open-hearted and magnetic.  I quickly set up a sound session with her and eagerly awaited my introduction to this modality.

While I previously attended workshops with the crystal singing bowls for relaxation, this would be a new and focused experience for me.  One on one with the power and history of the Tibetan Bowls.

Once one experiences this modality and the positive healing energy being emitted from the bowls and from Lori’s extended energy vortex, the connection to the universal thread of oneness is clear and obvious.  Amazing!

I knew then that I wanted to share this modality and this experience with my friends in this community, so Lori and I scheduled a Day of Healing Sound.  I was thrilled to bring this energy and the glow of oneness into my home – and I began preparing space and schedule for Lori.

Within 10 minutes of posting and emailing this Day of Healing – the community responded and the schedule was full.   Nine + individuals will be part of this vortex we are creating and will radiate the love and peace received back out into their circles.

Today is the day! I write this post in anticipation of today’s special outreach to create healing and love.

So, here, on the edge of a sliver new moon — Lori will be holding sessions from noon to 7pm.

We are very excited…….30 minutes each of the vibrational healing sound of the Tibetan Singing Bowls.

I wish Lori could continue spreading the love in this community, but the Bowls are Travelers and along with her Gypsy Spirit – Lori will be leaving our community at the end of the month and moving on down the gypsy road. !  I know she will leave her mark and I know she will return.

Will post photos!!!



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