Vibe Tribe – Activating the Wise Woman



Activating the Womb Space / Wise Woman Energy created a connection to source beyond our expectations.

Our water ritual and releasing to mother earth to nurture her creations, was beautiful and connecting.

The VibeTribe is true to its name …. vibrations.

What a superb full moon night where we:

Activated Our Womb Space Wisdom 

Discovered our Relationship with the Wise Woman

Heard the Myth of Boann .. the Goddess of Fertility & Wisdom

Met Our Inner Wise Woman 

Created a Lunarized Water Ritual for Invoking the Wise Woman

Preparation for my VibeTribe

Altar Space

Wonderful strawberry ceviche

Our special goddess vibe tribe libation

Circling sacred space for the water ritual

Returning our sacred and blessed water to mother earth (and watering my garden)



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