Sacred Ceremony . . To Honor . . To Witness . . To Celebrate

When was the last time you honored yourself or another loved one?


Blessing Ceremonies

new mother blessings

baby/child welcomings

 milestone birthdays

home or office blessings

military homecoming and deployments

retirement parties and more

women’s transitions (maiden, mother, queen, crone)


Healing Ceremonies:

Grieving Job Loss

Motherless Mother’s Day

Fatherless Father’s Day

Chronic Illness / Death


Pet Memorials


LifeCycle Celebrant Ceremonies are Different

As a LifeCycle Celebrant and Ceremony Officiant, Marilyn sees and understands the importance of honoring life passages, being witnessed and supported in your family and your community. 

It is no surprise that the medical community highly recommends sharing our stories, releasing our sorrows, embracing gratitude, gathering in community to heal our hearts, minds, and spirits, and being witnessed and held in love and peace within our trusted group of friends and family.

For those reasons, and the intuitive knowledge that we all need and want to share our life’s journey with others and leave a memorable legacy, Marilyn provides customized ceremonies and rituals to mark and honor your personal life passages.

Let’s get together and chat about bringing a personalized and customized event, ritual, or celebration into full bloom.  In ceremony those events that mark the life passage of your choice, will be witnessed, supported, deepened, and remembered.  It will be a Flower in Your Life Bouquet to give or to receive.

Whether you prefer a solitary ceremony to help navigate challenging times, or a communal gathering, Marilyn will guide you on the journey.   Your story and your family legacy is woven into a customized event directly related to your personal, family, and cultural needs.

So many special, beautiful moments worth celebrating in a life!  I am pleased to offer these personalized ceremonies to you, your family, your friends, and your community to celebrate life events and mark life transitions.  No Bloom Left Unseen.

As a LifeCycle Celebrant, Marilyn graduated and received specialized credentialing and in depth instruction from the Celebrant Foundation and Institute in New Jersey.  Her training is in Ceremonies Across All Life Stages and Healing & Transition Ceremonies. The CF&I is a non-profit organization educating and training ceremonial speakers in the history, writing, and performing of customized and personalized original ceremonies. More information can be found here.

Enjoy the LifeCycle difference and bring full bloom to your life’s bouquet!