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Do you yearn for stillness? Are you seeking a safe and sacred space to enjoy focused intention?

Flower of Life Circles & Ceremonies offer meditative opportunities within sacred circles where trust and support are of utmost importance.

Together in circles, this trust  develops and deepens as you enter into your heart of hearts.

We flourish in meditation circles and earth-based ceremonial women’s circles.

These circles provide the sacred space needed for deepening the emergent feminine experience.

Women create a place to relax into gentle meditative rhythms, journal and share. A time to take time.

Several types of meditation are experienced using breathing, music, movement, guided imagery and simply

allowing the stillness to let the body do what it naturally does – Heal.

Mindful Meditations

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra is a guided meditative visualization experience that is good for everyone.

Mindful Meditation uses a variety of sound instruments and/or guided meditations and music.

You are led into a state of blissful release of those repetitive thoughts that keep you uneasy and stressed.

We know that meditation yields a number of benefits including the ability to fight (not cure) diseases, increase empathy and even lead to physical changes in the brain.

It all starts in the brain!

Experience the connection you feel with other women in circle, who are practicing and sharing new ways of being.

Staying mindful and consciously present releases the past and allows the future to unfold.

Meditation teaches you how peaceful it is when you stay in the present state of being.



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