We Express – Intentional Drumming

Create Unity . . Find Your Rhythm . . Discover Your Beat
  • Yes! You can participate in your own health and wellness
  • Yes! If you have a heartbeat, you can drum
  • Yes! Drumming affects your heartbeat; thus, affecting your overall wellness
  • Yes! Music, rhythm, and drumming are all considered and proven to be medicine for mind, body, and spirit
  • Yes! You Can and While Having Fun Too!

As we express our inner beat, we see, feel, hear and heal ourselves; our story is told and our legacy begins. The rhythmic beat on the drum emanating from our own heartbeat, helps us slow down, find our center of stillness, and feel safe to go inward, where healing of the mind, body, and spirit begins. As we release life’s daily tensions we begin to affect our own health and wellness.

When we listen to others as they discover their natural rhythm, we find that we are all one rhythm. Hearing them expressing and sharing their stories we find that we are not as different as we sometimes think. With one rhythm, we become one community, and one world of people who express their authentic truth.

In an intentional and interactive drum circle, women are smiling, laughing, trusting, moving, feeling, building confidence and so much more. They bond at a deeper level as they experience the healing energy building around the vibration and rhythm that they make together.

Intentional Drumming can be used in a variety of ways and Marilyn creates that sacred space for deepening the emergent feminine experience.

Relax into gentle meditative rhythms, journal and share.

Whether a drum circle is intended for basic drum lessons, sacred healing meditation, chanting and song, journeying, raising energy, or quieting the mind, it allows us to place our attention on the rhythm, thinking of nothing else, the rhythm becomes the mantra that we focus on. You can’t drum while thinking, which equals a clearing of the monkey mind, reducing stress and finding joy.

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