Restore . . Renew.  . Balance . . Tune In . . Connect to Your Life Force


What is Energy Healing? It is about taking the momentum that you have underlying and headed in a direction and changing it slightly,

so that your future changes dramatically — as you were intending.

Sound Healing & Energy Sessions are based on the belief that certain tones and sounds bring energetic sound waves to the body;

and thus, bringing your body into alignment.

It basically reboots the nervous system and the body’s cells, allowing the body to do what is natural – HEAL.

Marilyn uses the finest sound products and the crème de la crème of vibrational sound instruments —

Solfeggio Frequency Crystal Singing Bowls, Handmade Tibetan Brass Bowls, Chinese Wind Gongs, Koshi Chimes 

and other heavenly and harmonic sound instruments to re-tune the body at the cellular level, allowing your body to return to the natural state of bliss.

These instruments + intention + frequency = healing flow of the mind, body, and spirit.  

Daily life can add stress and anxiety and sometimes all you need is to take a moment to tune into your natural balanced energies,

and release any negative energy being stored in areas of your mind or body.

Relax in the circle with other women and focus your intention on reconnecting, renewing, and replenishing your energetic field.

Marilyn will take you on a symphonic journey with sound.

You will feel into each chakra and release any blocks you may have acquired from the daily stresses in life.

As you let go and allow yourself to be nurtured with these natural harmonic sounds,

you will find a balanced space of openness and strength within your body.

 Reduce your stress, reconnect to your own power source with a SoundWaves Connection.

Here is an interesting article to add to your reasons to invest in a sound healing experience: The Benefits of Sound Healing

“The potential for sound to affect us on a deep emotional level makes music our universal language,

and according to ancient traditions, music is everywhere.” (Nancy Safford… Magdalene Awakens)



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