We Gather – Women’s Circles

Experience Stillness . . Raise Your Vibration . . Be One in Community

Flower of Life Ceremonies bring themed circles to women interested in a stronger connection to their divine feminine essence as they journey along the path of self-discovery.

The concept of circling together is a proven dynamic contributing to whole body health and wellness. We now know that circles are useful in connecting people to their communities; that communities that are rich in circles become better connected and stronger because of the benefits that belonging to a circle brings to all its members.  Circles work off the premise that we ALL need 3 things in our lives to make us happy and fulfilled: money, friendship and meaning. The women’s circles bring meaningful relationships…relationships bring improved self image…positive self image brings more opportunity for financial and personal success…reaching and manifesting your Full Life Bloom.

At Flower of Life, we believe that every woman needs community, every woman needs to be heard, and every woman needs to have fun. When we Gather, we Express, allowing Flow to our lives and a Deepening to our Spirit.

No More Isolation…Connect, Support, Witness, Belong!

Within our safe and trusted circles, we are not always able to see the energetic force underlying the intentional gathering, but we know it is there because we leave feeling lighter, supported, witnessed and inspired.

As often said, “circles have the power to transform the world– woman by woman, circle by circle!”

See our Event Page for upcoming circles and check out the blog for previous gatherings.  Below are many of the themed varieties possible within our Women’s Circles.

  • Women’s Empowerment Circles using writing, sharing and play
  • Full and New Moon Ceremonies honoring the natural rhythms of our planet
  • Circles of Discovery inspired by guided imagery, music, movement and more
  • Writing and Rhythm Workshops to connect at the heart level
  • Ancestral Dream Circles to remember our lineage and create our own legacy
  • VibeTribe Circles include exclusive monthly sacred gatherings designed to deepen our spiritual journey
  • Interactive Circles with teachings in the realms of Native American, Shamanic, Goddess, the Natural Elements and more

Stay Connected…Discover ways to gather in a woman’s community circle, find your inner voice, step into your life force power.

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