We Wish You A Merry Christmas


Judy, Marilyn, Kate
Judy, Marilyn, Kate



We had the brilliant idea to collaborate on a Christmas Party with 2 other couples.  Since we talk the talk about unity and community and collaboration being the ‘collective consciousness’ and ‘the way,’ how could we not do something together.

Vince, Frank, Richard


So, Kate & Richard, and Judy & Vince joined me in planning this year’s party.  We ended up with over 30 merry party-ers, lots of food, music, and fun.

1220 Wilson-1

A mix of new friends, long time friends, and family made this a wonderful night for all.

Lori and Marci


We sang Christmas Carols by each picking a card with only half of the title on it.  Whoever had the other half had to sing along with the other person. It was fun……well, for some of them. 🙂

1220 Wilson-24
Joan Ryan


Then we had 2 musicians – Mark and Ben – show up to bring in some live action….We had drummers, dancers, and howlers…perfect night.

1220 Wilson-44
Mark Symons


1220 Wilson-128
Marilyn Drummer Girl, Ben and Aja


So loved doing the candle ceremony bringing the entire group together in a circle and just witnessing each other and marking the moment.

Even a newly engaged couple, Kay & Andy.  Kay is my reason for being here in Ponte Vedra Beach……I followed her shadow!

1220 Wilson-71
Me, Kay, Andy (fiance)


The new year will be blessed by all the happiness in this house.

1220 Wilson-10
Nancy Marin


Nancy lights up my Tuesday a.m.’s and my life…as yoga teacher and friend.

1220 Wilson-28
Lori & Karen with Marci in the middle



When Angels drop in — they come in 3’s.  3 of my new friends and fellow journeyers — Lori, Marci, and Karen.


1220 Wilson-36
Mark, Darling Daughter Jenna, and Andy


Of course my lovely daughter Jenna and her hubby Mark singing along with Andy — who is connected to Jenna through Kay and that makes him family too.




1220 Wilson-72
Tribal Drummer Brad

1220 Wilson-87

1220 Wilson-38


Thank goodness for our drummer shaman who got the tribe out on the floor!






1220 Wilson-115
Sally, Priscilla, Brad, John and Barbara


Then there’s Sally, Priscilla, Brad, Barbara & John …. friends….


and so many more.


the coup d’etat was the candle ceremony … which brought us all together in harmony.

Lighting of the Candles
Lighting of the Candles

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