What’s Been Happening!


It seems time has zipped by and I’m not quite sure which blog to post on.

photo 4
From the HitchedUp blog

You can find me at HitchedUp or JustABeatAway.

HitchedUp follows our new hobby / retirement activity- RV Camping.  Loads of fun.

JustABeatAway follows all my drumming and circles of harmony.

MarilynAsheWilson hopefully will keep you updated on family events and all of the other things I do to create a wonderful life and follow my passion and path.






Also, keeping up with JustABeatAway is getting more and more important as many opportunities are opening up to me and collaborations are in the air.

Find out What’s Been Happening by clicking on both blogs, but I’m beginning to think I need to have a link that goes to this blog.  I’ll figure it out eventually.

Thanks for hanging with me.  See you soon. Marilyn



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